LOGAN’s First Red Band Trailer Drips with the X-Man’s Blood

X-Men Origins: Wolverine was such an abysmal movie that given its status as the follow up to the actually worse X-Men 3, the franchise was pretty much done.

The next X-Men movie would only come out two years later and would try to correct things Amazing Spider-Man style (reboot).

X-Men: First Class not only succeeded as a film, but coupled with Bryan Singer’s return, it even convinced the studios to return to the original X-Men timeline as seen in the 2000-2006 trilogy. However, 2013’s The Wolverine made it very clear that regardless of Hugh Jackman’s Omega-level star power and smouldering screen presence, maybe the lone wolf was not meant to be, well, alone.

Until now.

A moment of silence seems in order about now for us all to just soak in that bit of beauty…

And now let’s see the Red Band version of that beauty.

Of the many brilliant thins about the trailer, the most obvious is the movie’s choice to finally stay true to the tone of the particular story it is adapting. And while the movie obviously can’t stay 100% true to Mark Millar’s and Steve McNiven’s Old Man Logan (due to the significant roles of character like Spider-Man, Hawkeye and Hulk) I like that Logan seems to lean into its supposed weaknesses and instead delivers a concept that sounds stronger than its source material.

More intriguing is that we finally get a good look at the girl whose hand we saw in the poster and it’s, as suspected, X-23.


It’s clear that Jackman and James Mangold are taking a very different approach to this instalment of the Wolverine trilogy, and it couldn’t be at a better time given that this will be fans’ goodbye to Hugh Jackman’s take on the character after 17 years, holding the record of being the only actor to have appeared in every X-Men movie… except Deadpool.


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