LEGO Lantern Spring Festival Blends Tradition with Modern Elements

As we usher in the Year of the Ox, LEGO has revealed three new sets celebrating classic Chinese culture and legends within themes such as the popular LEGO Chinese Traditional Festival and LEGO DUPLO offering anyone interested in the Asian culture with interesting building challenges and hours of creative play. One of the sets, the LEGO Spring Lantern Festival (80107) looks to celebrates the festival which marks the end of the lunar new year celebrations.

The Spring Lantern Festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the first month (also known as Chap Goh Meh in Singapore and Malaysia) in the lunar Chinese calendar. It usually falls in February or early March and marks the final day of the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations with lanterns alight, and glutinous ‘tangyuan’ rice balls, filled with sweet red bean paste, sesame paste, or even peanut butter, to feast on.

The 1,793-piece set is the largest of the 2021 series and recreates a scene from a traditional Chinese setting, with a modern twist. The set is built in two segments – one that features a koi pond, bridge and big ox lantern that lights up, while the other section features it’s own entrance and a pagoda.

The build features many small details that are especially pleasing and truly capture the festive spirit. From the details on the moon door entrances, bamboo trees, many lanterns and banners to the diagonal bridge where star-crossed lovers meet… or is just a great selfie spot.

While the special ox lantern illuminated by a LEGO light brick is definitely a key highlight, my favourite part of the set is the koi pond with its printed tiles that really brings the set to life.

The set also comes with 8 minifigures that have some very interesting, and current, details such as matching 2021 ‘Ox’ jumpers, mobile phones and a selfie stick. And what festival is complete without food? Build your minifigures a bubble tea or you can treat them to a bowl of tangyuan. There’s even a little rabbit lantern.

Another cool aspect of the set is the fact that it is essentially two segments that can give you a couple of options to place together with the technic connectors. Those same connectors should allow you to connect the set with other LEGO builds with similar connectors to expand your city and give it some additional flair.

The LEGO Spring Lantern Festival (80107) set makes an awesome Lunar New Year gift or decoration and is now available at LEGO Certified Stores and major retailers.