LEGO Launches New Sets Inspired by the Chinese Culture to Celebrate Lunar New Year 2021

As we usher in the Year of the Ox, LEGO has revealed three new sets celebrating classic Chinese culture and legends within themes such as the popular LEGO Chinese Traditional Festival and LEGO DUPLO offering anyone interested in the Asian culture with interesting building challenges and hours of creative play.

LEGO Story of Nian (80106) is inspired by the Chinese legend where a mythical beast Nian comes around to attack villagers every Spring, and is only driven away by the colour red, fire, and loud noise.



Villagers back then would also stay up late to keep a watch for Nian during the eve of Chinese New Year. It was said that the story started the festival traditions of lighting firecrackers, Chinese New Year Eve’s vigil (守岁 shou sui), and the practice of wearing red for luck.

The set features a brick-built Chinese residence with traditional decorations including buildable fireworks, firecrackers, hanging lanterns and Chinese couplet, a snowy scene that is brought to life with a posable Nian creature, a snowman figure and six minifigures including grandpa, grandma, three children and a person in an ox costume to mark the Year of the Ox in 2021.

LEGO Spring Lantern Festival (80107) recreates the magical atmosphere of the festival which marks the end of the lunar new year celebrations.


It features a brick-built Chinese garden with moon gates, pavilion, bridge, pond with frog and koi fish figures, bamboo trees, a special ox lantern illuminated by a LEGO light brick as well as other must-have items during the festival like a rabbit lantern and a Tang Yuan rice ball.

For a modern take, it also comes with features such as buildable bubble tea, mobile phone and selfie stick.

To inspire children to learn more about Chinese traditions when building, illustrations are added to the building instructions of the two sets, which will tell the legendary stories of Nian and The Lantern Festival. This is the first time this kind of feature appears in the LEGO Chinese Traditional Festival theme.

LEGO DUPLO Town Happy Childhood Moments (10943) introduces pre-schoolers to two events with its two alternative building designs – the Chinese New Year celebrations as well as the first day at kindergarten.


The children can play out Chinese New Year family traditions, including exchanging their red packets and eating dumplings, or choose to role-play and prepare for the daily routines of kindergarten.

A stand-out, feature-packed gift that lets pre-schoolers play and learn about the fun details of some of the big occasions in their lives, this is also the first LEGO DUPLO set that is customised for Chinese pre-school families.

The LEGO Story of Nian (80106), LEGO Spring Lantern Festival (80107) and LEGO DUPLO Town Happy Childhood Moments (10943) sets are now avaialble.

All these novelties are rooted firmly with the Chinese culture and values, and provide a common ground for children and families to build and play together. Alongside the festive installations, we hope to bring the LEGO play closer to the hearts of our consumers and support the children with learning through the gift of play experiences this Chinese New Year.

– Rohan Mathur, Marketing Director of LEGO Southeast Asia

LEGO Festive Carnival in Singapore

In Singapore, the LEGO Festive Carnival at 13 CapitaLand malls will see a transformation of its Christmas installations to welcome Chinese New Year with prosperity oranges, Chinese couplets and the zodiac animal of 2021 – Ox from 10 January 2021. Over at the LEGO Certified Stores and major retailers around Singapore, promotions await between 4 January and 28 February 2021.

Shoppers who purchase LEGO Story of Nian (80106) and LEGO Spring Lantern Festival (80107) will receive a free limited-edition LEGO LNY Lantern and LEGO LNY Pagoda, while those who purchase LEGO playsets worth SGD88 and above (excluding LEGO sets 80105, 80106, 80107) will receive a free limited-edition LEGO Year of the Ox. All gifts with purchase are available, while stocks last.