Leeu SG Celebrates Singapore’s Birthday with New Bespoke Desserts

Leeu SG, homegrown artisanal ice-cream parlour, whose every creation is infused with the spirit of Singapore, launches the Flower Dome and the Imperial Red. Hot on the heels of its stars items like the Merlion Ice Pop and the Esplanade, these limited-edition products are everything Singaporean, if not more!

A tribute to one of Singapore’s Guinness World Records achievements, the Flower Dome is inspired by the world’s largest greenhouse situated in the Gardens by The Bay. Starring a piped flower made of strawberry mousse, lime and basil jelly, sitting on top of a white cake base made of vanilla sponge and rolled oats, the Flower Dome is also designed to represent the husband-and-wife team’s blossom of love for Singapore. The other limited-edition item, the Imperial Red, an ice cream float, features a base of watermelon, lychee, and lemon juice, topped with a homemade vanilla soft serve.

Made to order, natural and soaked with nutrients like vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids, the Imperial Red not only helps to combat the heat but also satisfy sweet tooths. Both the Flower Dome and the Imperial Red underscores the Singapore identity with colours of red and white.

“Aligned with our promise that the brand would exemplify Singapore in its truest form, many hours of research and trial and error have been invested to create the Flower Dome and the Imperial Red. We are pleased to have made it in time to launch these two unique items as a tribute to our homeland in the month of her birthday. We truly hope that every Singaporean would share the same pride and joy with us in celebrating Singapore’s birthday while enjoying our bespoke National Day desserts,” says the couple behind Leeu SG. Please see Annex A for bios of Valerie Liu and Jenn Wei Yeo.

The limited-edition desserts: the Flower Dome (S$9.80) and the Imperial Red (S$6.80) will be available in-store from 27 July to 31 August 2018.