Ep 14: justsaying with Charlie Baillie, Ampverse – The Rise of Esport Personalities and Opportunities

In September 2019, Gaming and Esports media company, Ampverse launched in Southeast Asia to engage and develop top gaming talent to create meaningful partnership opportunities with brands, game publishers and agencies.

Recognizing Southeast Asia as home to one of the most dynamic gaming ecosystems globally, the influencer and entertainment company was founded by some of the region’s most prominent business leaders across media, esports and gaming – co-founders Ferdinand Gutierrez, Charlie Ballie, Matthias Beyer and Surasak Winij.

Since then, Ampverse has steadily grown and now has a presence in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and India.

Amverse’s growth and expansion are no surprise, especially considering that Esports has rapidly evolved over the last few years. Pro players now have extremely active and passionate fan bases that have propelled them to celebrity status.

We speak with Charlie Baillie, Chief Growth Officer at Ampverse, a seasoned digital media and entertainment executive with commercial and operational experience across Europe, North America & Asia Pacific.

Charlie provides insights on the evolution of esports and how the industry has become part of mainstream culture, and the different opportunities available with its rise.

Also, with professional esports teams now set up more akin to the holistic structure typically found at a top-tier (traditional) sports team, we talk about the ecosystem that surrounds a high-performance team, as well as what Ampverse looks for when signing a professional esports player or team:


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