JRC Rents FREE 360 VR Equipment with Scape

J Rental Centre has collaborated with Scape over Picture Together, a Virtual Reality (VR) photo/video competition meant to capture the best of old, new, and current versions of a Singapore that is often mistaken to be a “boring,” concrete jungle.

To first ensure that the community was equipped with basic VR knowledge, the company held a full-day crash course on 30th July, highlighting the most important technical, production and post-production details about shooting for 360 Virtual Reality.

The day started at Scape’s Media Hub, with a comprehensive introduction to 360 VR technology; the best and the worst equipment. Having physical examples was something a VR noob like me could appreciate thoroughly–typically, I’d resort to spending hours of doubt on tech forums online.

Scape Media Hub gives young media co-working spaces and needs matching

J Rental Centre’s equipment assemblage includes VR cameras. If you want to try your hand on a range before committing to a purchase, you’re in safe hands. Loved and frequented by students, the company’s rates promise to be amongst the cheapest that you can find, for quality equipment.

This voice-activated GoPro Fusion has lenses on both sides to allow for a 360 shot.

While immersive media is riveting, filming just about anything in 360 will always be fun for you– though not always for an audience. It’s very much like how a badly timed photograph can never quite portray the beauty of a stunning sunset. Thankfully, you can rent equipment with day rates at JRC, so you have all the time to get that perfect shot.

They rent some solid pieces of equipment, including the Entaniya Fisheye Rig , a stunning set up of three GoPro HERO 4 cameras with an overlapping viewing ability of 220 degrees each.

Entaniya Fisheye Rig for Thee GoPro Hero4 Cameras

This 360 dream will only cost you $150/day with J Rental Centre. To purchase in the market, you’re looking at a combined cost that’s in the thousands.

One of the day’s highlights was meeting the folks from HiverLab, the creators of a diverse Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality streaming technology. Hiverlab has developed astounding infrastructure that broadens the teaching potential of VR, with VR streaming rooms with voice and tagging opportunities. If you’re a teacher and using a video at the start of class to keep your students entertained has gotten old, this is exactly what you need.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ybHTUUcqRQ]

Picture Together by J Rental Centre and Scape is part of the National Youth Film Awards 2018. With initiatives like these being increasingly inclusive and accessible to community, the arts scene in Singapore is beginning to present itself as utopia.

Whether you’re a student, a banker or a retiree, putting your ideas into film may not be as far-fetched of an idea as you think.