Jim Starlin Dreadstar Returns Featured

Jim Starlin Returns with Dreadstar!

The comic book legend brings his creator-owned character to Kickstarter

If you’ve ever been into comics, you probably know who Jim Starlin is. And if you’ve been watching the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, you definitely know his works.

That’s right, the daddy of Thanos himself has come out of retirement to bring some light to 2020.

Jumping onto Kickstarter with Ominous Press and Creation.INK, Starlin returns to Dreadstar on Kickstarter! The creator-owned character has not seen the light of a new story in almost three decades now. And since Starlin’s retirement from comics, it’s seemed unlikely Dreadstar would return. Until now!

A Classic ’80s Spacefaring Adventurer!

Dreadstar was one of Starlin’s many contributions to the 1980’s wave of space-exploring adventure types. Debuting in 1982, the character was first published by Epic Comics, an imprint of Marvel. Following 26 issues, the title moved over to First Comics for another 38 issues. It then returned for a 6-issue mini series in the ’90s, now published by Malibu.

The character has been mostly left unused since then. Additionally, Starlin himself suffered a career-ending injury to his drawing hand in 2016. Fans have had to make do with re-prints and the Omnibus editions of the character’s adventures.

And now Starlin, along with his inking collaborator Jaime Jameson, has unveiled a whole new adventure for Vanth Dreadstar:

A massively destructive force, something both unknown and terrible, is devouring Altarix, the capital planet of the Willow Consortium and jeopardizing all one thousand worlds under the Consortium’s rule.

If the Willow Consortium were to fall to this mysterious, other-dimensional force, what hope exists for the rest of the universe?

With the fate of all existence at stake can Dreadstar, along with the catlike Oedi, cybernetic psychic Willow and powerhouse Tueton, find a way to defeat this all-powerful menace?

When Dreadstar uncovers a hidden connection between this omnipotent nightmare and his own past, the answer becomes a resounding no.

After 30 years, Vanth Dreadstar finally returns… just in time to die!

A Guide to the Universe!

Additionally, with Creation.INK and writer Bob Greenberger, Starlin’s also designed The Dreadstar Guidebook.

The Dreadstar Guidebook
The Dreadstar Guidebook by Jim Starlin and veteran writer Bob Greenberger

The Dreadstar Guidebook is a 96-page hardcover companion to Dreadstar Returns. Much like The Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe and DC’s Who’s Who, The Dreadstar Guidebook is the absolute source of information about Dreadstar and the plethora of original characters and locations that have appeared in the pages of his adventures over the decades.

With a US$28’000 (S$39’600) goal, Dreadstar Returns already stands at over 180% funded! But with the many epic rewards, and this unique opportunity to own an iconic character’s unforeseen return, this is a campaign comic fans will want to be a part of!

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