Hans im Glück is the Grill House for Your Vegan Friend

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The Good
Broad vegan and vegetarian options
One of the best chicken breast burgers
Great drink deals
The Bad
Beef burger will feel overcooked to a lot of people
Wasabi sauce can be jarring

Hans im Glück is entering its third year of operations, and currently has four locations in Singapore. With ten new burgers launching in October, Hans im Glück boasts an impressive array of 16 vegan and vegetarian burgers, making them the largest selection in town.

If you are looking for a grilled and greasy cheeseburger ala Fat Boys, you won’t find it at Hans im Glück. Every patty is cooked via pressure cooker for a set amount of time, ensuring the quality of each patty remains as good as the last. While it benefits most of the burgers, the beef burger suffers from the lack of a good grill. However, for those who enjoy beef well-done, the beef burger is worth a try.

With all the Impossible and Beyond plant-based burgers taking over burger shops, Hans im Glück is offering the Berherzter ($18) with a Moving Mountains patty. Having tried several alternative meat burgers, the issue generally isn’t the lack of beefy taste. Rather, it’s hard to replicate the juiciness you can get from a beef patty.

The Berherzter does well to dress the patty with strong ingredients in a surprisingly tasty vegan cheese slice, fried onions and BBQ sauce. Although it’s still easy to discern that it’s not a beef patty, it remains an enjoyable affair even for the most staunch carnivore.

The Schafhirte ($16) is another vegetarian option, this time with an olive patty and feta cheese. Those that do not like the pungent smell of olives have nothing to fear. Instead of an overpowering, oily flavor, the patty is well balanced with the feta cheese. It’s a good vegetarian burger for those that don’t want an alternative meat burger.

The Krafpaket ($17) was the beef burger on offer. There’s no choice for patty doneness, so give the beef burger a skip if you don’t like it well-done. Due to the choice of cooking method, there’s really no crust or char to speak of on the beef patty. While the bacon and black pepper crust help lift the burger to a more premium, if overpowering, experience, this is a burger where the protein isn’t the star of the show.

Hans im Glück only offers chicken breast burgers. To those who think it might be dry and tasteless, the Landgockel ($17) just might change your mind. The pressure cooking method really helps the breast to retain moisture, meaning that the flesh remains succulent. Topped with great mushrooms and a sunny-side up, the Landgockel is a good experience for those who don’t believe chicken breast can taste good.

Besides some of the special burgers, the buns are sauced with Hans im Glück’s base sauce. There’s a hint of wasabi in it that works well with lighter patties like the chicken breast, but could wear on the palate with the others.

The burgergrill is also offering a value-for-money drink set. Top up $5 for an extra side and two beverages, one hot and cold. If you are feeling fancy, upgrade to $9 for an alcoholic drink. The best part is that deals are available all day!

Hans im Glück offers a premium feeling experiential meal without busting the wallet. Coupled with great deals on their drinks offering, you could pop in any time of the day without feeling the heartburn.

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