Here’s What to Look Out for at GameStart Asia 2019!

GameStart Asia returns to Suntec City, Singapore! From Avengers to Final Fantasy VII, to Dungeons & Dragons and esports tournaments, the event is packed with just about anything the modern gaming enthusiast could possibly need!

But if you’re gonna have to take a spin of everything within a day, here’s what you need to really look out for:

The Marvel Empire

Rising like an actual empire at the entrance of GameStart, prepare to experience SquareEnixs latest fory into the Marvel world on console. Additionally, two more games are set to be launched on the mobile platform. While the games arent released, that the opportunity to register for one and trial the other!

The Castle

Conquer The Castle with your favoured team of four! Whether you are with friends or enemies, choose to protect the seals keeping a disastrous demon in, or let it out for ultimate glory and possibly, magical powers! OK, maybe no magical powers, but a huge sense of satisfaction is a superpower, right?

Lion City Meadery

Local beer too bland for you? Lion City Meadery is here to fix that. Combining an Asian palate with heartier mead and ale results in a robust blend of distinct local flavours simply unavailable anywhere else. Grab the Spiced Mead and revel in the clove and chai flavour, or the Hibiscus beer for a flowery experience.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Honestly, need we say more? You get to play Final Fantasy! Possibly the most legendary JRPG of all time, FFVII needs no introduction. The remake, however, is not quite like the original masterpiece.

Besides the updated graphics, the combat system has undergone a huge overhaul oriented towards hack and slash. However, the distinct turn-based system of ATB and Limit Breaks have been artfully incorporated, resulting in a remake that feels both fresh and nostalgic at the same time.


There’s going to be more than one JRPG in town at Gamestart. Oninaki is the brainchild of one of Japan’s top video game developers, Tokita.Takashi. Most famed for Chrono Trigger, Tokita has also worked on Final Fantasy series and Parasite Eve. Oninaki takes incorporates character collection into a JRPG, allowing you to collect Daemons that allow the player to rapidly switch up your attack styles and skill trees.

SEA Major

Love fighting games? Catch the best players in the world battle in a variety of top-tier fighting games for a US$40,000 prize pool! Whether you prefer the gritty 3D combat of Tekken, or an anime experience in DragonBall FighterZ, there’s something for everyone.

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