Destiny 2: The Forsaken Review

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The Good
New Game Modes
Tons of New content
Feels and Plays a lot better
The Bad
Too early to tell if it'll get boring over time

Destiny 2: The Forsaken is a huge DLC that Bungie developed to bring their 1 year old game back to life, for US$39.99.

I’m glad to say it’s definitely worth ever penny.

The game’s campaign immediately throws you into the death of fan-favourite character Cayde-6, and you’re tasked with finding out who are these baddies and what are their plans for the world of Destiny and avenge your best friend.

The main campaign itself takes a less linear form compared to the base game, giving you more opportunity to travel the newly introduced areas in the expansion, but if you were to purely focus on the main story it’d take about 6-7 hours depending on your skill (if you aim like a blind man, be prepared to die a lot) and your ability to not get distracted by timed events happening at random areas around the world. Overall, Forsaken definitely provides a much more compelling and darker story compared to its original.

However, the upgraded UI menus, coupled with the new gambit mode and strikes are where it really shines. The improved menus and user interface really make a difference and the convenience of everything can be felt hours into the game, making grinding and exploring just a little less tedious.

The new Gambit game mode, which is an interesting blend of PVE and PVP (kind of like attrition in Titanfall 2) brings a whole new element of game play to the game. I myself find it very unique, you really have to plan with your team how you want to spend your motes (currency used to summon enemies or a teammate to harass the other team, as well as ending the game). Spending your motes wisely and banking on your decisions is literally why the mode is called Gambit and it’s god damn addictive.

The new strikes are also a welcome addition and just have a more interesting design to them, reminiscent of the original game as well as new. Taking down strikes with your fire team just feels way more rewarding (of course, the loot is the greatest reward of all).

Overall, Destiny 2: The Forsaken feels like a perfect amalgamation of the best parts of Destiny and Destiny 2 making it an excellent game to play with or without friends (although playing MMO-like games with friends is always a plus) and is definitely worth the purchase.

However, whether it would still be interesting tons of hours later is still yet to be seen.

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