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Castle Fantasia Launches Worldwide

GAMEVIL’s latest combat-strategy game, Castle Fantasia, is now available worldwide on iOS and Android. Players not only train soldiers and strategize attacks, but also summon, collect, and level up whimsical heroes to strengthen armies and towns.

Build the Ultimate Defense by collecting Gold and Lumber, players build cannons, catapults, and walls in order to form the best defense against enemy attacks; they can also customize their defensive structures with the game’s Blueprint system. In addition to constructing practical structures and weapons, players can fill their land with decorative items like condos, statues, cherry blossom trees, and various nations’ flags.

Train Diverse Troops – Players build camps and train a variety of troops to deploy into battle. As they upgrade their castles and camps, they gain access to stronger troops and can use more soldiers during attacks.

Summon Dynamic Heroes from Golems, Elves, and Dragonlings to Steel Robots, Lava Bombs, and Cookiemen, players summon a wide variety of fantastical heroes. They can use heroes in battle and equip them with special runes to enhance their towns with faster building and cooldown times.

Attack Neighboring Towns: Once troops and heroes are ready, players can engage in both single-player and multi-player attack modes. Upon successfully attacking other towns, either manually or automatically, players will receive rewards that they can use to improve their towns, troops, and heroes.

Castle Fantasia is available worldwide for free download on App Store and Google Play:

App Store:
Google Play:

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