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Bountie: A Swanky New Esports and Lifestyle Venue at Fusionopolis

Bountie Arena is a top-notch new gaming facility, made for Esports players and casual gamers to train and have holistic fun!

Plunder your Bountie at One-North with this resplendent gaming and lifestyle venue, with high-powered equipment and numerous other features when you get bored of playing on the PC.

Launched 31 July, Bountie Arena is aiming to be Singapore’s premiere esports and gaming lifestyle venue. Placed right in the heart and hub of innovation within the city that is Fusionopolis, the 6,600 square feet venue features top-tier equipment and ample facilities to help boost the growing esports scene in Singapore.

Gaming & Training Facilities

The floor plan of Bountie Arena.
A remarkable space with facilities new to Singapores gaming scene.

The highlight feature is a 13 meter-wide, high-resolution LED panel that runs at 144hz, ensuring a buttery smooth viewing experience for the audience. The main gaming area runs hefty rigs powered by ASUS Republic of Gamers, with 60 computers taking up the main gaming area and four VIP gaming rooms optimised for teams who want to keep their strategies private.

One of Bountie Arenas training rooms, whichhouse consoles and a convex set-up to accomodate coaches.
One of Bountie Arenas training rooms, whichhouse consoles and a convex set-up to accomodate coaches.

The venue aims to provide an all-rounded experience for many different communities in Singapore. The arena hosts a variety of lifestyle features separate from esports, including a café, an adult ball pit, and Singapore’s first flagship store for professional and competitive darts brand, PHOENIXDARTS. It also includes a 20-seater classroom equipped with amazing presentation equipment and computers, opening up the potential for classes requiring powerful workstations.

Darts by Phoenix Darts at Bountie Arena.

Senior Parliamentary Secretary (SPS) for the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth and Ministry of Transport Baey Yam Keng attended the launch as the Guest of Honour. Mr Baey said, “The growth of Esports and the gaming industry have provided youths new opportunities to pursue different pathways of success. I am encouraged that there are now spaces like Bountie Arena which provide youths with a conducive environment and the right tools to pursue their passions in Esports, and fulfill their aspirations.”


With its grand opening, Bountie Arena is offering a $1 per hour promotional price for the month of August. Facilities include an Atari pong machine (an electromechanical one!), a PlayStation 4, two Pandora Box arcade machines filled with classic games like Marvel vs. Capcom and over 100 top-of-the-line computer systems to play all your favourite PC games!

Bountie Arena $1 Monster

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