Ash and Char Relaunches with Chic!

There’s a new gastrobar in town. Nestled in McCallum Street, Ash and Char‘s revamp boasts a range of hand-crafted cocktails, unique meal options, and a cosy chic interior perfect for a date, or a night out after work. The restaurant/bar is presented by WEROC group, the collective behind well-known food or entertainment options, including Hood Bar and Drink Culture.

Ash and Char can seat up to 60 and has an open-bar that overlooks the bustling streets of the Central Business District. Expect a variety of personalised cocktails and higher-end spirit options, as well as Singapore’s only blue wine.

Santa Cruz del Alperea’s Blue Wine from Spain is exclusive to WEROC. The bubbly wine is sweet, refreshing and tropically fruity, great for a tipple any time of the day.

Santa Cruz Del Alperea Frizzante Azul ($88/btl)

If you’re there for drinks, there’s a fulfilling array of premium versions of your favourite tapas options to go with.

Ash and Char’s new lineup also includes over 30 fresh, fusion dishes, with the likes of some show-stealers like Mayura Choco Wagyu and Crispy Cauliflower. You’re not tripping. Mayura Choco Wagyu is chocolate grain-fed premium wagyu, topped with sea salt.

The dish is eclectic and gives smoky hints of cacao, melding seamlessly with the salt. While the chocolate grain makes serving the beef in cubes a sensible option, they are a tad too big and end up rather dry and tough before you have chewed enough to swallow.

Heartier options are also available for working patrons. Rice, pasta and salad bowls are readily available on their menu.

Keep your eyes peeled for WEROC’s wings, which come in eight flavours. The US Buffalo flavour is especially delightful – sweet, spicy, and appropriately sour.

Wings Can Fly Platter ($29) – 3 Flavours of WEROC Wings

Visit Ash and Char at 21 McCallum Street #01-03/04, open from Monday to Saturday,

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