9 in 10 Singaporeans Aim to Eat More Healthily in 2018

With a New Year comes a new year’s resolution, as Singaporeans start to make up for one too many treats during the festive season. If that sounds like you, you’re not alone! 90% of Singaporeans polled in a Deliveroo survey have resolved to eat more healthily this year.

But sticking to that resolution is easier said than done, especially in food-loving Singapore, with almost 3 in 4 Singaporeans breaking their resolutions within a few months. The survey found that over 60% of people tend to break their healthy resolutions while at work, and close to 40% cited social pressures from colleagues as a key factor in breaking their resolutions.

To help them avoid temptation, more than 90% of respondents are considering healthy food deliveries to meet their healthy eating resolutions this year. When they stray from their resolutions, popular choices include chocolate, chips and of course, Singapore’s local hawker food! For many, it looks like removing the temptation of their favourite Char Kway Teow is also the way to go, letting colleagues head out to the local hawker centre whilst they get healthy food delivered straight to their door.

“We’ve seen a great demand for healthy food since our launch in 2015 – a clear sign that Singaporeans want to have a healthier diet. Brown rice orders are up 275% on last year. In fact, Daily Cut’s Chicken Salad Bowl was Singapore’s most ordered dish on Deliveroo last year!”
– Siddharth Shanker, Deliveroo Singapore’s General Manager

With 2,500 quality restaurant partners on the platform and a plentitude of salads, poke bowls and protein-based meals on Deliveroo’s Healthier Choices menu, it’s easier than ever to make the right choice and kick the New Year off on the right note.”

To help customers stick to their resolutions, from now until 31 January 2018, Deliveroo will credit SGD 10 back into users’ accounts for every five days of healthy lunches or dinners* delivered, to help everyone resist their temptations! Simply order five healthy lunches on weekdays and email the Deliveroo team at [email protected] with your order numbers at the end of each week. If you can stick to it for the whole of January, you could receive up to $50 just for eating right!

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