5 Tips to Protect Yourself From Cybercrime When Shopping Online

Today, Singles’ Day has become the world’s largest e-commerce festival, with shoppers across Asia eagerly awaiting previews, hoping to make a killing on the deals set to land on the eleventh of November. However, also waiting to make a killing are cybercriminals, who see e-commerce festivals and heavy shopping holidays such as Singles’ Day as huge opportunities to dupe unsuspecting deal seekers and steal their hard-earned cash.

Traditionally, cybercrime activity tends to pick up during festive periods, especially those that involve increased online shopping.

As such, Malwarebytes has developed an infographic to illustrate 5 quick and easy tips to prevent oneself from being a victim of cybercrime this Singles’ Day.

So be it Single’s Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday or ‘Buy Myself a Gift Day Because I Can And Want To’… keep these tips in mind to prevent cybercrime (oh look I made a rhyme).

Happy shopping!

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