Valentine Vendetta – Where Singapore’s No 1 Singles Party And Skyline Flirt

V is for Vendetta… and Valentine… and well, Vaseline (but let’s not go there). This year, Singapore’s No 1 singles party Valentine Vendetta takes over one of the island’s hottest nightspot, Skyline, and promises to be bolder than ever.

Gone are the days when singles look on in envy as the streets, restaurants and parks are filled with loving couples longing to have a partner with whom they can share an extremely overpriced dinner with, or buy an even more overpriced bouquet of flowers for (because a single rose simply doesn’t cut it anymore), in an effort top prove that they’re the best possible person to be with right now.

no, no, NO!

So you don’t have someone to spend exorbitantly on. Some would say you’ve dodged a bullet. Instead of withering away in a dark corner, the people at Vanilla Luxury have the cure. Waging a vendetta on single-hood, February the 14th is just as much for singles as it is for those cloying couples. Now in its 6th year, Valentine Vendetta has become one of the parties of the year and it’s even better if you be like Han and go solo.

oooh yeah!

The Masquerade themed party promises to take to you to greater heights in the heart of the city at the newly opened SKYLINE sitting at the top of the Singapore Land Tower. Sitting at the 45th floor, Skyline offers a stunning view of the country’s business district – a perfect backdrop to revel away into the night, seamlessly melding an outdoor rooftop experience with that of an indoor party-centric ultra-lounge.

While previous editions of the event have seen more than 1500 singles turning up, this year though, Valentine Vendetta is designed to be more intimate than its predecessors. Starting from 6pm till late, singles will be entertained with amazing beats, drinks and games to party the night away… so remember to take leave from work on the 15th.

Particularly geared towards singles, guests stand to win up to $10,000 worth of prizes with ice-breakers and curated games targeted at getting singles to mingle.

Tickets for Valentine Vendetta are available at $35 For Early Birds or $45 At the Door.

So save that date, it’s time to wage a vendetta on single-hood. Who knows, if you get lucky, there might be use for that tub of Vaseline yet.


Here’s your chance to win a pair of tickets to this year’s Valentine Vendetta. Grab another single friend and party the night away.

Here’s what you have to do to qualify for the draw in the FB post below:

1. ‘Like’ the justsaying.ASIA FB page
2. ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ the Facebook post
3. ‘Tag’ a friend you’d like to go to Valentine Vendetta with

Contest closes on 9 Feb 2017. Winners will be contacted via FB by 10 Feb 2017.