The Flash Runs To A Stand Still

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Running Fast
Standing Still

Because The Flash is in the business of mixing things up and scrambling our brains, in this year’s mid-season finale, we trade in last year’s epic revelation of Harrison Wells being the Reverse-Flash to this year’s epic revelation of Harrison Wells helping the Reverse-Flash! Wait, what?

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Barry finally forgives Eobardwells, and then Dick Wells has to collaborate with Zoom in order to save his daughter. That is disheartening for Barry. I sincerely hope Dick Wells will switch back to Team Flash the moment he gets his daughter back (although I don’t see any reason as to why he wouldn’t) and beat the crap out of Zoom. With Jesse Quick, preferably.

The humour this episode is ridiculously good and varied. It’s been quite a long time since pretty much everybody has been involved in the humour, and oh boy what a treat! Be it Jay and Caitlin’s constant back and forth, Cisco being annoyed at them, Harry being, well, Harry (Where are your presents? Give them to me!).

And, who could forget, Mark Hamill putting in a great shift as the Trickster. He’s pretty much just portraying his Joker (most recently in the video game Batman: Arkham Knight), but with a lot less murder and make-up. Plus, glad to see that he hasn’t forgotten about Hanukkah. Felicity would be pleased.

Flash Jumping on a Helicopter

Although there was definitely less Flash action than usual, holy hell we got to see him fly and run across the blades of a helicopter. WHAT. THE. FREAK. Seeing him desperately running through so many buildings trying to catch up to Mardon was amazing. Plus, more Speed Force lightning is never a bad thing.

Crazy Patty

Patty is essentially season 1 Flash: hellbent on getting justice for her father. Of course, Flash talked her out of it, but I don’t see how this keeping identity secret thing is going to benefit Patty…

Wally West’s entrance was nothing special, and that’s completely fine. Seeing that Wally right now is just the long-lost son of Joe West, it doesn’t make any sense for him to make a spectacular entrance. Simply entering as Wally gives him time to develop a relationship with Barry Allen, because that is an integral part of Wally being Kid Flash.

Joe West

Also, Jesse L. Martin, what an actor. Given extra screen time as Joe West he nailed every scene that he was in. Despite the revelation that he has a son with Francine, he still decides to give the watch to his son, Barry Allen. That was an emotional roller coaster man, and Martin milked every single moment to perfection.

If there were problems, I think outright laying down Zoom’s motivation is… meh. I mean, it was pretty much in the back of our minds, considering that we knew for a fact that Zoom steals speed. Thus, more speed in the Flash means Zoom simply takes more. However, part of the menace that Zoom possesses was his seemingly lack of purpose or motivation, but simply to wreck the Flash. Oh well, I’ll live with it. There’s still going to be the big reveal of his identity eventually, although I’m not even sure I can wait for much longer…

And seeing that Captain Cold is my favourite Flash villain, not enough Captain Cold! Sure, he has another show to star in (Legends of Tomorrow), but would it hurt to see more cold puns and his weird sense of honour? Wentworth Miller pulled off a great, obviously pun-filled scene in Barry’s house though, so beggars can’t be choosers, I guess.


Fantastic humour all round this episode, and fantastic acting to go along with it. I still kind of wished Captain Cold showed up at the end with a bag of mini-marshmallows, though…

Next, in The Flash

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Flash Action Figure

The Flash figurine! I have that, too! What a great way to suggest some suitable, flashy Christmas presents eh, CW?

Flash Flying

Flash Fly!

He did that in the Justice League animated series as well!

Cisco: “How’d you like them magnets, bitch!”

Science, Bitch

Breaking Bad meme reference! And if you can’t get enough Cisco over the holidays, check out his blog.

Captain Cold: “I’m not interested in being a hero.”
Do I Look Like I Give A Shit?
Err… a bit too late my friend.

Wally West

Kid Flash

Wally West, the first Kid Flash and the third Flash, and possibly the fastest Flash that ever lived. He’s unlikely to become Flash in the TV show though, but who knows? He’s already the Flash in another TV show, mainly the animated universe such as Justice League.

New 52 Wally West

Wally was originally a red head, and also instead of being Iris’ brother, he’s her nephew. After the New 52 relaunch, Wally’s race was changed to African-American, while remaining Iris West’s nephew.

Plus, he eventually marries Linda Park, which is why it was so weird to see Barry dating Linda back in season 1.

Iris and Jai West

In the pre-Flashpoint continuity of the comics, they have two children named Iris and Jai West, both with their own set of superpowers: Iris is a speedster, while Jai has superhuman strength. Also, the moment Wally thinks of them, they teleport to him. Never lose your children in a shopping mall again!

He’s also one of the snarkiest and cockiest superheroes to ever live on the planet. Exhibit A:

Wally West and Batman

Aaaand he’s really good friends with Nightwing because of their time in the Titans, so… bring Dick Grayson in… pretty please?

Rogues’ Honour

For more Rogues goodness, check out this deleted scene:



This is a bit of a stretch but come on, Star Wars! Notice the subtle red and blue wiring below the wand. Looks familiar?

Luke VS Vader