The Avengers Are Poised to Save the World on Vanity Fair!

And there came a day unlike any other, when Earth’s mightiest heroes were united against a common threat!

In less than a year, the 10-year journey of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will culminate in what can be arguably labelled the first portion of their final payoff: Infinity War!

And as with all things superhero related, a big question is often: what’re they wearing?!

As magazine covers go, this gives us a pretty good look at how our heroes may look in the upcoming movies. Thankfully, Vanity Fair’s given us a better look with these pretty cool ensemble shots:

First thing of note is that we have absolutely no idea how final these looks are. For example, his new armour, with the 6 discs returning and black mail over his arms, looks pretty cool, but he also not only has Mjolnir, but both his eyes as well. Of course, his eye and weapon could be restored over the course of the movie (the initial leaked trailer for Infinity War had him with both eyes as well, much like in the Thor: Ragnarok trailers), but it seems unlikely that such a major plot point would be so carelessly revealed in a photoshoot. More likely this was done prior to the release of Thor’s latest adventure and the hammer and eye were retained to prevent spoilers for Thor: Ragnarok.

The same goes for Captain America, who is back in his stealth suit, last seen in Winter Soldier. While a nice costume, I’m no fan of it and have no desire to ever see it on Cap again. The Russo’s repeated insistence on removing the red from Cap’s costume honestly baffles me and just feels like a childish attempt at trying to look “darker.” The man wears red, get over it. That being said, in his new ‘Nomad’ persona, the star-less costume seen in other promotional material (up in the header image) looks fantastic.

While both Cap and Thor may be dressed to mislead, Hawkeye is certainly geared for the kill. Sporting a new look, Hawkeye’s new hairstyle is the second most intriguing thing about the character in this photoset–the first being the inclusion of his wife, portrayed by Linda Cardellini, here. She’s easily the most out of place character and doesn’t seem like she’d have anything to do with the main sto–oh god, they’re gonna kill her.

Just when you think everyone’s safe from Whedon’s death touch…

More on costumes: we finally get a good look at Evangeline Lilly’s Wasp, and it seems like War Machine may not be getting much of an upgrade, sticking to the Mark 3… or is he?

When set against the cover images though, it’s clear that Marvel’s playing coy with their characters’ looks. Unless they’re planning reverting Tony to the Mark 46, last seen in Civil War, or having “Steve is once again Captain America because he shaved!” moment.

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