Hear the Rise of Genghis Khan with Temujin: An Audio Drama

Temujin: An Audio Drama is a historical tragedy about how sworn brothers became foes. Cinematic and carefully-researched, the tragedy follows the rise of Genghis Khan – and the fall of his closest friend. And it’s now on Kickstarter!

Told from Jamukha’s perspective on what seems like the last night of his life, Temujin: An Audio Drama is set for release on early 2020 and promises to bean intimate listening experience of unprecedented polish and accessibility — one that is as grand as it is immersive.

Written and directed by Roshan Singh, a graduate from Yale-NUS College in 2018 with a specialisation in creative writing, the script for Temujin was written for his capstone project — the result of years of archival research, travel to Mongolia, and intensive writing/rewriting — for which he was awarded the Yale-NUS College Outstanding Capstone prize.

Prior to Temujin, Roshan has directed several theatre productions, including self-written plays and a six-run show of Hamlet at Yale-NUS College, and has extensive professional experience in soundtrack design and composition.

“Throughout three years of workshopping, our priority has been to portray these characters with sincerity and truthfulness,” says Ziyad Bin Ahmad Bagharib, voice actor for Temujin/Genghis Khan and Roshan’s longtime collaborator. “For a story as fascinating as Temujin’s, the work has been well worth it.”

Temujin’s 31-day campaign aims to fulfil its set goal of S$9,500 by 9th June, with backer rewards including the chance for audience members to commission bite-sized scripts from the voice actors, or even have their own voices added to Temujin in post-production. The team hopes to use this budget to compensate the cast, designers, and crew for the hours they’ve spent on the project.

To learn more about Temujin: An Audio Drama join the team behind the drama at the Hive Lavender on 24th May, 7 to 9pm, for their Spotlight Singapura talk organised by The Fandom Menace.

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