The Targus 15.6” Cypress EcoSmart Hero Backpack Will Safely Hold Your Essential Devices

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The Good
Plenty of compartments
Sturdy build
Provides good protection for devices
The Bad
Limited range of colours

Targus, a familliar name in laptop cases and mobile computing accessories, has released its latest collection of EcoSmart laptop bags. We take a look at the Targus 15.6” Cypress EcoSmart Hero backpack.

Made from recycled components, the new Cypress EcoSmart Collection is certified by Global Recycled Standard (GRS) and aims to reduce the number of plastic bottles destined for landfills by utilising them in the bag production.

The bottles are cleaned, flaked, re-polymerised and spun into fiber that is woven into the fabric that is used for the bags. The Cypress EcoSmart Collection encompasses 11 products, including backpacks, sleeves and slipcase.

With the new Cypress EcoSmart collection, Targus is on a journey to create products that are eco-friendy and more thoughtful, from manufacturing to distribution. Plastic bottles are reborn to make everything from the bag lining to the body and trim, without compromising the flexible working features, security and ergonomic comfort.

The Targus 15.6” Cypress EcoSmart Hero backpack is a “professional-looking” backpack that will quite easily hold your essential devices.

Made from 26 recycled plastic bottles, the backpack has four main compartments for all your travel needs. The front-most compartment features a side-zipper that extremely easy to access slinging the backpack off one shoulder – the perfect place for anything that smaller and you might need quick access for.

Since I travel quite a bit, it would be the typical place I would store my passport or boarding pass if i’m heading through customs. The Luggage pass-through trolley strap at the back is also extremely handy.

The next compartment is slightly larger with more than enough space for all your stationery storage needs – pens marker and notepads will find a nice home for themselves.

The next two larger compartments are meant for the more pricey and workhorse devices such as your laptops and tablets. My iPad fit perfect and snug in the middle compartment as it was protected by the cushioned compartment keeping the tablet safe and secure. My Macbook Pro also fit easily in the largest compartment without any issue.

In fact there’s enough space for your power cables, headphones, a hand-held console, books…. a coffee machine (really).

The bag is comfortable when carried fully packed due to the padded back panel and the stitching looks nice, tight and gives me little worry of not being able to handle the abuse my bags usually go through.

I have a habit of placing my backpacks on the floor rather than take up a seat, and the PVC base gives me piece of mind that I can basically place the bag anywhere and not worry too much about damaging the base.  The design of the zippers also mean that if the backpack is on the floor beside me while i’m sitting, its contents are easily accessible.

are reborn to make a stylish, hard-wearing bag with all the flexible working features and ergonomic comfort you expect from Targus. Good for the planet. Great for the daily commute.

The Targus 15.6” Cypress EcoSmart Hero backpack is available in Grey and Navy. Basically my only gripe would be that it doesn’t come is any other color options. However, both colour variants do look good and there is little cause for complain.

Targus 15.6” Cypress EcoSmart Hero backpack is now avaialble at a suggested retail price of SGD149.