STGCC 2018 – 5 Things Worth Checking Out

The last couple of years of STGCC have been nothing short of abysmal. With ever growing empty floor-space, a blatant attempt to milk both visitors and vendors of cash, and no real care nor concern for the comic book industry in Singapore, one can only hope that a better convention soon comes along to euthanize this franchise.

Until then, however, geeks desperate (rightfully so) for an outlet for their fandom continue to grasp at the hope that the next STGCC may once again carry the relevance it once did.

So if you, like me, are one of the many people who find yourself carrying an overpriced ticket, patrolling the widening walkways of overpriced booths, considering purchasing items which are, somehow, overpriced here as well, fret not: some things remain worth checking out.

Fightsaber Continues the Way of the Jedi

In an era where fans are all too happy to exploit the brands of franchises they love, Fightsaber is one of the few passion driven organisations keeping things in the way of the light.

Led by founder Azmi, the knights of Fightsaber have teamed up with Jedi Weapon Master Kit to teach younglings how best to build their own lightsabers (the type that don’t cut off hands) and later wield them in the Jedi Academy (for 6 to 12 year olds only, sadly)!

And to make it all the more lightside friendly, the $50 proceeds will be donated to $50 proceeds go to Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN)!

Join the Jedi at booth FB11! It’s the one with all the light up sticks!

Singapore-Made Game Avertigos Sets Sail

Having kicked ass and taken backers during their Kickstarter campaign laster year, locallly-created and designed, Avertigos is a tabletop gaming experience that not only features great model ships, but also the use of 3D space.

From an action-driven skirmish to a game of politics and trade, Avertigos is everything you could want from a game celebrating Asian culture and awesome gameplay.

Avertigos can be tried out and ordered at the Playware Hobbies area at GC1 in the GGXP area.

Royal Selangor Makes Mine Metal

Breaking grounds with their pewter statues, Royal Selangor has only upped the game with each passing year, finally blowing minds with their Infinity Gauntlet-ed Thanos.

While words cannot describe this piece, the true magic of the sculptures are the artist whose works they are (mostly) based on: Alan Quah.

If you aren’t already a fan of this pencilling master, these 3D sculpts will only make you want to own this man’s art in any form possible!

Royal Selangor can be found at booth C13, unfortunately Alan himself will not be available on Sunday. But fret not, his home country of Malaysia is not too far off and would stand as reason to attend the next convention he appears at over the causeway.

Singapore Comics Community Puts the Comics in STGCC

Facebook group, Singapore Comics Community (SCC) have arguably just done what STGCC has been incapable of for the last 3 years: putting the comics back in the comic convention.

Featuring an awe-inspiring display of valuable comics across multiple eras of comic book history (dating back to the 1930s!), this space is the ultimate meeting point for like-minded fans here at STGCC as well as on Facebook!

But the real magic lies in the sketch card giveaways being done by some of the awesome artists who happen to be members of the community.

And being located at FB7, just beside Fightsaber, this would be the ultimate zone for geeking out!

LEGO Makes Things A Tad More Magical!

As much as I love looking at beautiful statues and scaled-figurines, I’m more than a little jaded by Hot Toys’ and XM Studios’ recurring appearances.

Thankfully, things are a little different this year with LEGO’s interactive zone featuring a very healthy dose of Harry Potter awesomeness!

Also available for your ogling is a beautiful Hogwarts replica that stretches well into the Quidditch pitch, and even has an actually running train!!

Yes, I’m easily entertained. But LEGO trains are COOL!

Check out the LEGO zone at A19, and maybe pop over to Beast Kingdom (A15) to check out some of their variant figures while at it.

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