The Shorties Film Festival Returns from 7th to 11th May

From comedies to documentaries the film festival caters to a wide audience

Come join Hive at Shorties Film Festival Singapore 2019, an established film festival on May 7th – 11th for a relaxing night with some of Asia’s best short films.

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If you’re interested in dramas about self discovery, family ties, and much more then the first day’s line-up will be to your taste!

DAY 1 – Tuesday 7 May
– ‘Pu Er’ by Goh Jia Han (Singapore)
– ‘To You, My Crush’ by Andrew Nguyen (Vietnam)
– ‘My Deathiny’ by Natthaporn Puengpanwut (Thailand)
– ‘Darth Daddy’ by Do Jun Wai (Hong Kong)

This night will surely fill you with love, laughter, and even fear! From slapstick comedies and romantic dramas, to spiritual and sacrificial thrillers. Hive is screening them ALL!

DAY 2 – Wednesday 8 May
– ‘Followed by’ Justin Wong (Malaysia)
– ‘How To Get Over A Heartbreak’ by Zaki Hussain (Qatar)
– ‘The Parchment’ by Fong Sue May (Singapore)
– ‘Delivery Boy’ by Hugo Kenzo (Hong Kong)
– ‘Sylvia’ by Sabrina Poon (Singapore)
– ‘Lo To – The Singing “Faggots”’ – Nguyen Ngoc Phuong Anh (Singapore)

Ranging from documentaries to psychological thrillers, join Hive on May 9th to watch more of these addictive short films!

DAY 3 – Thursday 9 May
– ‘Is This Where I Can Buy Love?’ By Chua Ka Sin Robert (Singapore)
– ‘Insomnia’ by Aurelien Jegou (Taiwan)
– ‘Approved’ by Tejas Ewing, Gokul Vasudevan & Deepesh Vasuadev (Singapore)
– ‘To The Lights of The North’ by Carlos Chan (Hong Kong)
– ‘Do Not OT’ by Goh Ying Sheng (Singapore)

Into dark thrillers and gritty dramas? Day 4 of the Shorties will be what you’re looking for.

DAY 4 – Friday 10th May

– ‘Pa’ by Sabrina Poon (Singapore)
– ‘One Bullet’ by Don Ng (Hong Kong)
– ‘Block A-2-15’ by Won Jun Yap (Malaysia)
– ‘Shu’ by Rawikarn Sangrusmeepen (Thailand)

Catch the cream of the crop roll at the awards ceremony of Shorties Film Festival 2019 at Hive on May 11th!

DAY 5 – Saturday 11th May (Awards Ceremony)
– ‘Alchemy’ (Taiwan)
– ‘Wasabia Japonica’ (Hong Kong)
– ‘The Widow’ (Japan)
– ‘Nguyen Gia Phong’s Balance’ (Vietnam)
– ‘Async’ (Thailand)
– Award presentation & closing drinks

Hive’s aim is to provide aspiring filmmakers in Asia a platform to screen their productions and shine a light onto the talented individuals. All films will either be in English or will contain English subtitles.

Discover the future talents of Asia Pacific and mingle with other like-minded creatives!