Shopmatic’s Inspiring Entrepreneurship Program To Help Merchants Go Online

Shopmatic, the e-commerce company that enables merchants to take their business online, has launched a month-long “Inspiring Entrepreneurship” program for merchants in India & Singapore.

Shopmatic is an international e-commerce company, with offices in Singapore and India, that helps businesses sell their products and services online.  From developing a web store, to listing businesses on marketplaces and social media channels, to giving insights on how to sell online, Shopmatic helps owners manage the full spectrum of what is required to grow their businesses.

The Inspiring Entrepreneurship program is for any seller who has a business, or wishes to start one, sell their product or services online. Shopmatic will reimburse the first 1000 sellers who subscribe for an annual plan from Singapore and India.

The program is designed to inspire entrepreneurs and fuel their aspirations by providing them a full subscription reimbursement as long as they meet the criteria of subscribing and publishing their webstores and be within the first 1000 subscribers.

The Inspiring Entrepreneurship Program, is the first of its kind and helps potential merchants to go online. The Program requires sellers to subscribe to the Annual Plan of Shopmatic (240 USD in India and 448 SGD in Singapore) any day between the 17th of July to 16th of August, 2017, get their sites ready and published, during that period. Once these simple criteria are met, their subscription amounts will get fully reimbursed to them.

Commenting on this Initiative, Anurag Avula, CEO of Shopmatic said, “Shopmatic’s purpose has been to support local sellers & entrepreneurs in enabling them to create their identities online and in achieving their entrepreneurial ambitions. This is reflected in the platform that we have built for our customers, the guided free consulting that is provided to every customer and in the simple, transparent & cost effective pricing that is available to every customer. In continuing with the philosophy of supporting entrepreneurs, we are delighted to launch the Inspiring Entrepreneurship Program that rewards entrepreneurs and sellers and are excited to bring this initiative to India & Singapore.

Shopmatic has scaled its products on the global front and has democratised e-commerce for businesses and individual entrepreneurs through its strong enterprise roots and its disruptive approach.

So far, over 75,000 sellers have built their online presence in India, Singapore & Hong Kong with Shopmatic Pro and a Mobile App – Shopmatic Go.

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