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Saucy Grannies is an All-Rounded Game for Friends and Family

Ease of Play
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The Good
Very easy to pick Up, learn and play
There is definitely a certain fun factor of strategy involved
The Bad
At the end of the day, it is still a game you take out only every once in awhile

Saucy Grannies is a 2-6 player card drafting game featuring blind bidding and set collection mechanics. It requires you to play as a grandma sending her family to go get groceries so you can make a plethora of sauces that you have learnt from your fellow ethnic grannies.


The beauty of the game lies within its simplicity and ease of picking up. The objective mainly revolves around you getting ingredients to score points, and then using those ingredients to make sauces that you’ve learnt from your fellow granny friends (depending on which grannies you draw) to score points! Plus, there’s also another pool of points that can be scored if you hit certain criteria during the game.

Saucy Grannies Review Featured Image

The strategy of the game comes into play when choosing which family member you want to send to do the arduous task of buying groceries for the turn. With the store only having limited groceries due to the recent DORSCON Orange scare (my imagination makes this game wilder), you have to be tactical in choosing which family member you entrust. Be it whether you want to select the young, spry youth that will get you first pickings, or the slow but steady senior who will certainly be last to the store but will eventually bring some ingredient home.


This is where the blind bidding comes into play. Each player would place their chosen family member on the board and reveal the results which then determines the turn order of grocery pickings for that round.

But be warned! Each family member can only be used once and there are a finite number of each ingredient. Also, some ingredients are more common than others, so obviously bid carefully.

Eventually, you’ll have enough ingredients to score some massive points by making them good ol’ sauces… or maybe you might just plan out your shopping so poorly you end up with a bunch of unused ingredients. Once every player has used and abused their family members for grocery shopping the game is over. Everyone then tallies their points by calculating what sauces they made, what extra points they scored or even the points of individual ingredients (everyone at least goes home with some points) and determines who’s the sauciest granny of them all!

Sweet or Spicy?

Personally, I love how fast this game can be picked up and brought to the table. Teaching it to your friends should not take more than 10 minutes. However, even though it is simple the strategy involved is still very apparent and the replayability factor is always there.

I would definitely position this game towards a more party-centric crowd, like the casual or family gamer who is not looking for anything to serious or requires a lot of commitment like Descent or D&D. This would be more like Taboo or Cards Against Humanity, which are fast and fun games to play with maybe some drinking or sauce related forfeits.

Overall, Saucy Grannies is a fast paced, resource management card game that caters to both friends and family looking for a tantalising session of fun! Saucy Grannies is up for pre-order on Kickstarter.