Singaporean Band Sangriento Form a Blood Pact between Music and Comics!

The creative process is often an elusive one. How artistes approach or present their ideas is sometimes as baffling as how ideas are even formed in the first place. This practice is all the more confounding in Singapore, a country in which art can be often segregated into two clear categories: independent, wherein the communities are sadly underground, or excruciatingly banal, wherein the content can be found on free-to-air television… often at prime time on Channel 5.

Independent films often go under the radar, despite local productions going on to win accolades in foreign festivals. Local music, while steadily climbing the uphill battle, is still unfortunately far from the mainstream. And then there’s local comics which… well, could use a lot more help.

Given the hardships faced by an artiste pursuing any one of these platforms, you’d think that the idea of uniting two of them would be insane.

Fortunately, local band Sangriento may be the kind of bold insanity the local arts scene needs.

Having been around since 2010, the band is best known in the local J-Rock scene, and have toured Tokyo twice in recent years. Closer to home, they’ve also been selected for the annual NOISE Music Mentorship Programme as well as being named national champions at the Yamaha Asian Beat competition, and debuted a new line-up of members at Baybeats 2018.

And they’re not quite ready to rest on those laurels.

In addition to preparing for their album launch with a concert on the 26th of January, Sangriento’s also taken the plunge with their creative process. Delving into story-telling with their music, the result is an original graphic novel written by guitarist Han, and illustrated by drummer Christal, pushing the boundaries of being multi-talented.

Forging a story set in a post-apocalyptic dystopia devoid of technology, the world of Blood Pact, as both the album and graphic novel are entitled, serves as the setting of the tracks from their upcoming album.

With their musical narrative in place, the band proceeded to craft a 60+ page graphic novel, divided into a total of 11 chapters–each a visual narrative functioning as an accompaniment to a corresponding track in their album.

Art by Christal J. Kuna

While Blood Pact the album will be up on Spotify as of 26th of January (Saturday), the graphic novel will only be available at the concert venue at the retail price of S$25. However, it can be pre-ordered on their Peatix page for S$20, where tickets for the concert are also available at only S$17.

With only 100 copies produced, this early print edition would be a must have for comic and music enthusiasts alike, and promises to be a unique experience, uniting the pleasures of reading and music.

Sangriento‘s concert and the debut of both album and graphic novel will be happening on the 26th of January from 7pm to 9pm at Aliwal Arts Centre. Tickets can be bought on Peatix, and the graphic novel will be available for purchase online (S$20) and at the event itself (S$25).

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