Review: Star Wars Battlefront – A Must For Star Wars Fans

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The Light
Amazing graphics
Teleports you into the universe
The Dark
DLC driven
Does not feel '10 years in the making'

Well here it is! The game I’ve been waiting life cycles for, Star Wars: Battlefront! DICE has once again outdone themselves with the FPS genre giving the fans of the franchise almost everything they’ve been wanting after 10 years! But yeah emphasis on the ‘almost’ most part. Well let’s dive in to it and see how it fairs.

As said in my first impressions article, the graphics are beautiful and I really felt like I was transported into the Star Wars universe making the lil’ kid in me just scream (yes literally scream).

Battlefront consists of 13 maps and 9 multiplayer modes, which provides players many ways to play and an offline mode that can be done solo or co-op to complete several types of missions. First off let’s get into the offline mode where you have 4 types of offline mode missions:

Battlefront 3_1

Training – As the name specifies, is for new players to learn how to fly, shoot, ride walkers and all the basic stuff you need to know.

Battle – Go 1 on 1 against an opponent (or AI) to take down enemies and each other till someone hits 100 points. This is great for you to learn the ins and outs of maps and how to manoeuvre. There’s also head to head battle for true intense action!

Hero Battles – Same as Battle except you control one of the six playable heroes – Leia, Luke, Han Solo, Boba Fett, Darth Vader and The Emperor. While they’re badass, I wish there were more.

Survival – All you have to do is well… play as a trooper and survive as waves of enemies try to take you down – walkers, TIE fighters and the whole jingbang come to play ‘shoot the laser into the donkey’… you’re the donkey.

Overall single player isn’t too bad, just that I wish they had a campaign mode – simply because it’d be nice to have a plot or context to any game. It also makes me feel they just put in the single player so that it wasn’t a full on multiplayer game.

The voice acting though was pretty horrible. Don’t get me wrong… while everything else sounded amazing, the voice acting (especially Vader’s) was pretty bad. You don’t have to get James Earl Jones, but surely it can’t be that hard to find someone that sounds like him.

Basting off to multiplayer – this is where Star Wars: Battlefront truly shines. With customizable characters, loadouts, and star cards (items that can be activated in-game to suit the current battlefield situation), Battlefront feels more personalized and wants to create a bond with you and your character making him/her well like you! The player!

I would have preferred more options for the load outs as they are a little short of options for my tastes and could do with more blasters and weapons. It feels like they wanted more weapons to go into the star cards and pick-ups within the map… which tends to be the trend.

Star cards were definitely a nice addition, giving us jetpacks, upgraded weapons and a whole new arsenal – but they do come with cooldowns and have limited uses, so use them carefully my young Padawans!

As for the maps and game modes, Battlefront gives us 13 maps on 4 planets (Tatooine, Hoth, Endor and Sullust) with a variety of game modes, whether it be taking down AT-STs, dogfighting with the Millenium Flacon against TIE fighters up in the air or the simple matter of hunting and taking Vader down doesn’t sound too difficult right?… Guys? Guys?

Battlefront 3_2

Every map is beautiful and makes you feel like you’re there, however spawns are a little screwed up as you can be spawned right next to an enemy (god knows how many times I was spawn killed). I’m pretty certain that EA will probably release more maps…  but through DLCs – not something I like. I would’ve also liked to see more heroes like Darth Maul and Mace Windu going all ‘Vaapad’!

Overall, Star Wars: Battlefront is a great game. I love it and I think any FPS or Star Wars fan should pick it up – you’d be a traitor if you didn’t. Then again it is definitely a game that could’ve been so much more, it was worth waiting for, but just not 10 years’ worth.