Rediscover Jurong Bird Park with its First Digital Trail

The year-long jubilee celebration continues at Jurong Bird Park, in time for the March school holidays!

See the park through a new lens with its first digital GPS game trail – Wildlife Quest with Detective Blue. Visitors can embark on a digital quest with Detective Blue, a blue-throated macaw, and join him on his adventures as he seeks to learn about his fellow feathered friends.

The digital trail happens every weekend, on public holidays and during the school holidays from 6 March to 27 June 2021.

Developed in collaboration with Crooner Pte Ltd and AID-DCC, an award-winning Japan-based digital production agency, the Wildlife Quest with Detective Blue game code is available as a $10 add-on option when visitors purchase admission tickets online.

You can access the game on your mobile device and begin the quest at the Penguin Coast with your Detective Blue sun visor. Head to iconic exhibits like Flamingo Pool and Wings of Asia to answer quiz questions and complete special tasks.

During the journey, you’ll learn about birds’ amazing adaptations, such as the unique feeding behaviour of flamingos and the distinct vocalisation of the critically endangered straw-head bulbul. Complete all location-based challenges to unlock the rest of the rewards, including an exclusive keychain and explorer badge.

The first 250 participants who complete Detective Blue’s Quest between 6 and 21 March will be invited to an exclusive Hello from the Wild Side session on 27 March to meet more of Detective Blue’s bird friends, including Quincy the double yellow-headed amazon and a pair of toco toucans and their caretakers over a ‘live’ video call.

Hello from the Wild Side is an interactive virtual programme that promises unique interactions with the animals.

While taking part in the challenges, you can also meet the characters’ real-life counterparts, including the Philippine Eagle, Great Pied hornbill and Blue-throated macaw. Observe the curious displays of natural behaviours by Jurong Bird Park’s avian residents as they engage in enrichment activities thoughtfully prepared by the park’s animal care team to keep the birds mentally and physically stimulated.