Plane – Gripping From Take Off To Finish

Strong direction
Engaging pace
Certain scenes were very well-edited
Some supporting characters' subpar acting can put you off
What's with the airport staff's Chinese accent? It's Changi airport Singapore...

With the monumental success of Top Gun: Maverick, and the rising trend of audiences looking towards non-Marvel movies, are filmmakers giving the 90s action blockbuster template a shot again?

Whether this is a good or bad thing, I have absolutely no idea, but Plane certainly gives me hope for what’s to come from Hollywood.

Plane, starring Gerard Butler and Mike Colter, is gripping from start to finish, having almost spot-on pacing. If you enjoy being on the edge of your seat, this film delivers just that with its constant air of tension.

Some may draw parallels to TV’s Lost, but this isn’t it. Don’t expect a mystery island with a mystery plot, where everything happens for a reason, and there are themes of faith and science blah blah blah. Plane is a straightforward, plot-driven affair — and it succeeds at doing so.

Butler gives a convincing performance as a seasoned pilot who is forced to take drastic measures when the plane crashes (NOT a spoiler, they literally tell you this in the trailers and posters).

He effectively captures the emotions of the many dire situations he faces in the film, and has a boilerplate backstory adequate enough to make you root for him.

Our second lead, Colter, plays a passenger who’s being extradited on charges of homicide, also does a satisfying job of depicting the mysteriousness his character requires.

Plane is an engaging flick that offers sheer entertainment. If you’re a fan of good old-school action, this movie is for you.

Plane is the perfect excuse to take a break from your relatives this Chinese New Year season.