Live To Rise by The Fandom Menace

Live To Rise: A Concert With A Mental Health Cause

2017 has been a rapid succession of blows for music and rock fans, with the deaths of Chris Cornell, known as the leading man of Soundgarden and Audioslave—but also a solo vocal force to be reckoned with, and Chester Bennington, the iconic frontman of Linkin Park who made it clear that his voice was as versatile as any instrument.

Suicide being the unpleasant commonality of these artistes’ passing, The Fandom Menace is bringing local bands together for a concert that will not only celebrate the lives and accomplishments of these fallen idols, but also remind fans that regardless of the recent tragedies, their music still lives on. Live To Rise will not only raise awareness on the pressing issues of suicide and depression, but also shed the spotlight on Singaporean bands. Additionally, all the proceeds gathered from this event will be donated to an organisation devoted to suicide prevention.

Partnered with Lepark, the restaurant’s private concert space will host the event on the 8th of September, two days prior to World Suicide Prevention Day, and feature five local bands performing a mix of songs from the discographies of Kurt Cobain, Chris Cornell, and/or Chester Bennington, along with original tracks.

Tickets can be purchased at $5 ($5.65 with Stripe surcharge) from ticketing sponsor Ticketbox @ or at the door. Performing bands include: Tell Lie Vision, Gilded Edge, The Groove Gurus, Knightingale, and Catalogue V.

Live to Rise is presented by The Fandom Menace, a collective of individuals with a shared interest in promoting local talent and sponsored by the great people at The Music Parlour, Ticketbox, BCUBE, and the Singapore Pub Crawl, and with the support of location partner Lepark and media partner Justsaying.Asia.

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