L.A. Noire for Nintendo Switch Doesn’t Switch Much Up

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The Good
Superb Acting
Innovative Integrated Switch Controls
Incredible Story
The Bad
Graphics are dated
Open World is dreary
Switch Game premium

6 years ago the world was introduced to L.A. Noire. Now, in 2017, Rockstar Games have decided to revive it for the Nintendo Switch. Using new innovative ways to interact with crime scenes and the game as a whole with the built-in functions of the Switch, L.A. Noire feels like a game players could dive right into all over again.

Developed by Rockstar Games, L.A. Noire is a third person open world action adventure game with crime solving elements (kinda like GTA but with actual crime solving).

The game itself is pretty much the same, where the story takes place in the 1940s and you’re a cop/detective who needs to solve crimes by searching for clues, interrogating witnesses, going through car chases–just like a real old-fashioned crime movie.

Gameplay is still as brilliant as ever with one of the best voice casts paired with amazing facial animations (you need to observe these to figure out if a suspect is lying or not) done by actual actors hired for the game.

Using the Switch motion controls and touch pad to interact with clues as well as objects throughout the game does feel very refreshing and a fun take on how to make players feel more immersed in the game. Although I do find the touch to move function still very strange and I don’t think many people would use that.

Of course, as a game that was more or less ported over from its 2011 predecessor, it still possesses its already existent problems like clunky gun fights, and the dreariest rendition of L.A. ever–like seriously where are all the people and cars?? Everything outside of the story just seems dull and uninteresting–something an open world game shouldn’t be plagued by.

Tied with those problems is very outdated graphics (as its not a remaster) you can actually feel its age when you first start up the game. I personally didn’t realize it’s been 6 years, but one look at the game’s graphics was all I needed to think “My god, this game is old”.

Overall, I still do feel that L.A. Noire’s superb story and incredible acting triumphs all the negative points of the game and any player who has or hasn’t had the chance to pick up the original game should totally go for this.

However, for those Switch players we do have to pay a bit more because of the Switch game mark up, so if you don’t mind missing out on the integrated Switch Interactions with the game and have a PS4 or Xbox One I suggest save a few bucks and get it on those platforms instead.

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