Ep 25: justsaying with Faith Lim – Why WordPress Is Great For Youths Starting Their First Site

Today, there are more tools and resources than ever for youths to pursue their entrepreneurial spirits – from apps such as Canva that help you design the trendiest logos and social media posts, to platforms such as WordPress, that allow you to easily set up websites, as well as hosting platforms such as Exabytes that not only provide great hosting services for those website, but have initiates to support those pursuits as well.

However, while these resources are more than we’ve ever had available, are they truly enough?

We speak to Faith Lim, who spearheads the Marketing Team in the Communications Office of Cyber Youth Singapore as Deputy Director. Under her leadership, she has led the team through various events ranging from the CYSummit’21 to a number of various Memorandums of Understandings.

Faith believes that there is still a lack of resources available for youths and young entrepreneurs, which led led her to co-found a digital marketing agency – Faio Creatives, which provides digital marketing services ranging from copywriting to web services to.

Nurturing and supporting Singaporean youths on their digitalisation journey

Digitalise Singapore (DS) is a joint technology programme offered by the Research & Innovation Corps of Cyber Youth Singapore (CYS) and Exabytes Networks (Exabytes).

The programme aims to support ground-up technical projects by youths in Singapore through $150,000 worth of digital solutions and services. Launched 22 May 2021, DS will pilot for one year. DS is powered through the Cyber Youth Innovators Programme and the Cyber Youth Researchers Programme and seeks to impact 1,000 youths.

The Research & Innovation Corps (RIC) is a department in CYS’ Technology Division (TechDiv) responsible for encouraging and inspiring innovation, entrepreneurship and technological research among Singaporean youth.

The RIC runs both the Cyber Youth Innovators Programme (CYIP) and Cyber Youth Researchers Programme (CYRP), both of which are used to power Digitalise Singapore.

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