Forecast for Crawl is Wet and Gloomy

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No animals were harmed in the making of this movie
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Imagine being trapped in a flooded home with alligators lurking whilst a hurricane tears up your surroundings, that’s the one-line description for Crawl, an American disaster horror film.

The movie starts by establishing a category 5 hurricane hitting a town. Daughter Haley Keller goes into town and looks for her father Dave despite the evacuation order. And because this is set in Florida, there are hungry alligators everywhere that apparently attack anything which splashes in the water. Luckily Haley is a really good swimmer who is able to somehow swim faster than the gators!

Fun fact, alligators can swim at 20mph compared to Michael Phelps whose top speed is at 6mph. So either Haley is related to Aquaman, or she was bitten by a radioactive fish.

Crawl follows a classic monster movie flow, sending shockwaves through the audience via sudden reveals, intense music and loud sounds. There was even a scene where they replicated the iconic T-Rex roar, it was quite well done! The alligators grow on you after a while, and at one point I found myself rooting for them instead so that the movie would end. But alas, I had to sit through the full 87 minutes.

Perhaps the one take away from the movie is how humans can accomplish almost anything when they adopt a mind over matter approach. Despite being bruised, battered and backed into a corner, the father-daughter duo managed to spur each other on to fight and survive until the very end. The human body might break easily, but its spirit sure doesn’t!

If you’re a fan of large reptiles terrorizing people by constantly trying to devour them, you’re sick, please get some help. But if you like suspense, build-up and quick action – Crawl on over to theatres and enjoy the movie!

However, if you just want to watch computer-generated images of animals on the big screen, I’d suggest waiting for The Lion King which will be out 18 July 2019.