CRYPTOCURRENCY Board Game Launches On Kickstarter

Capital Gains Studio is proud to launch their new table-top game titled CRYPTOCURRENCY on Kickstarter. As the name implies, the game is built upon the emerging alternative digital currency that has skyrocketed in popularity over the recent years, sending investors on a frenzied ride with its erratic ups and downs, and creating a lot of interest on this new emerging technology.

“The game’s objective is to bring to light the thrills and also perils of cryptocurrency as an investment. While many people are enticed by the prospects of instantaneous wealth by cryptocurrency, many fail to see the potential pitfalls of this new investment vehicle as they lack the foundational education needed to thrive. As a result, many opportunists are also seizing this opportunity and creating scams to take advantage of unsuspecting victims. According to, there is an average of USD 9 million lost a day in cryptocurrency scams, highlighting the urgent need for more educational efforts on this rising digital currency.” said Xeo Lye, co-founder of CGS and producer for CRYPTOCURRENCY. “One of the interesting mechanics of the game, is how players have to play detective, deducing which of the four cryptocurrency is a scam in disguised, while engaging in trading and cryptocurrency mining activities. We have also included an educational
guide in every copy of the game, which helps to explain every aspect of the game and how it is related to cryptocurrency in the real world.”

Slated for launch on the popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter on 21st August of 2018, CRYPTOCURRENCY hopes to raise enough funds to cover their manufacturing expenses. CGS also plans to give away 300 copies Freemium edition of the game during Kickstarter and is given out base on a first come first serve basis.

Game Theme and Mechanism

Sharing the same fictional universe as Wongamania: Banana Economy and Debtzilla, CRYPTOCURRENCY will take place in the nation of Banana Republic, where the stories of overnight millionaires who have mastered the art of mining and trading in cryptocurrencies has spurred the fictional citizens into a mad rush to make quick money from this new frontier of digital currencies. The theme features a roster of futuristic cyborgs and experts wielding high tech gadgets inspired by the Cyberpunk theme.

Players will take on the role of a cryptocurrency prospector, leading a team of technological experts who will help you to evaluate, trade and mine various cryptocurrencies. However, some of the cryptocurrencies are scams, designed to rob the unwary investors of their money and it is up to the player to sift through many layers of information to avoid being tricked. Players must make strategic decisions in hiring technological experts through a drafting mechanism, solve cryptocurrency mining algorithms through a push your luck mini game and manipulate the information network using hidden and revealed information, all while engaging in tactical coin trading and getting rid of the questionable coins before the game ends. The player who manages to accumulate the most wealth wins.

Who Is This Game For?

CRYPTOCURRENCY is made for 2 to 4 players, suitable for players age 14 years and above. It takes approximately 60 minutes to complete the game. CRYPTOCURRENCY is the 5th game published by Capital Gains Studio and will be launched and demonstrated at Spiel Essen in Germany and We The People Store in Singapore.