Learn More About Marvel’s Black Panther

Marvel’s Black Panther is, almost literally, an entirely different beast when compared to other superhero movies–or even other Marvel movies.

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But what it does have in common is a simplification of content that allows the history of a 50+ year old character to be gleaned by an audience of a 2 hour movie.

For those who would want to know more, here’s a video detailing the Wakandan royalty’s bloodline from Marvel themselves.

It’s obvious that things were a lot more elaborate in the comics–which is obviously to be expected. With hundreds of issues available for story-telling, writers had the freedom to flesh out even the most irrelevant of supporting characters, a luxury the no movie enjoys.

Nevertheless, the Black Panther film has managed to deliver a very all-rounded tale that allows many characters to enjoy the spotlight, even for a minute or two.

Black Panther is out now in theatres and it should honestly be made the goal of this long weekend… after collecting ang pows, of course (that’s the best way to pay for the tickets).

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