Ahoy there, Avertigos!

There’s something awesome about getting on Kickstarter and seeing a fellow Singaporean setting up something bold and ambitious. Call it finding a kindred spirit, or just being in awe of their sheer ingenuity, it’s still an amazing feeling.

The campaign in question here is Avertigos, “a unique Board Game with moddable Sail-Ships engaging in innovative 3D tactical manoeuvres on the table top.” If that description alone doesn’t tell you: “damn, this is gonna be awesome,” I don’t know what will.


While a simpler, 2-Player Duelling Kit is available at the very reasonable $67, the game’s true fun lurks in the $127 tier for the base set. And while this is honestly already a mighty good price for a game involving as many accessories as this, the Avertigos Deluxe Set is where’s the party’s really at.

For $151, not only dose this set add the base game with a thrown in medium-sized Skirmish Mat, it will also include a slew of unlocked stretch goals from their three stretch categories: Funding, Social, and Community. However, there are only 34 slots remaining for the Deluxe Set at the Super Early Bird cost of $151, and any subsequent pledgers would have to contribute $193 (still totally worth it, but as I’m already toe-ing the poverty line, I’m seizing the Super Early Bird advantage!).

So make that 33 slots remaining.

How does all of that fit in one frikkin’ box?

That’s the Avertigos Base Set (at $127), mind you. Base. And they have a $307 tier that promises not only all unlocked stretch goals, but also a bunch of their optional add-on sets… at this point, I’m pretty sure their shipping is being done by their very own Singa Sari vessels.

But, hell, don’t take my word for it. The crew behind Avertigos will be running gameplay sessions at STGCC @ MBS on the 9th and 10th of September.

Or if you don’t want to waste your time and money on STGCC, simply get in touch with the crew and, god knows, they might arrange a private session for you and your friends.

Go, go!! Only 33 Super Early Bird Deluxe Sets left and the campaign ends on the 24th of September!