5 Things You Can Actually Do at the Shilin Night Market

When you realise you’ve been waiting for an hour and still haven’t gotten your XXL chicken cutlet

It’s little secret that the Shilin Night Market in Singapore is filled with good food – if you’re willing to brave the snaking queues, the hot weather, and the elbow jostling most Singaporeans would be familiar with.

But if you’re absolutely bored this or next weekend, here are some attractions you can check out while enjoying your food… or, more likely, when you give up queuing for food.


A surefire hit with both your influencer and your wannabe influencer friends, the 10,000 square feet windmill forest is a fun, colourful attraction that’s sure to bring some excitement to your Instagram.

Also, you’ll get to see the throngs of people coming in from the MRT station, and laugh at them heartily with your bubble tea in hand.


A myriad of musical performances by local bands and artistes such as ‘Too Much Drama’, Ruth Kueo and Yokez will be sure to delight your ears even half an hour into your queue time. Furthermore, you probably wouldn’t have moved, so the acoustics would remain awesome! Enjoy their modern takes on classic Taiwanese KTV fare, right in the spirit of the festival.


Tired of all the walking and standing around? Fear not, for Popcorn Singapore’s here! Providing a cozy area with recliners and hammocks, Popcorn will be screening Taiwanese favourites from 7pm every day of the event. If you are up for a film experience under the stars, pop by and enjoy the show.

Also, be sure to check out the local short films for Scape’s NYFA film festival catalogue from past years.


The Gong Cha fun house promises to entertain as you can choose to dive right in their boba ball pit, or make your own drinks with Gong Cha’s famously smooth tea, an array of jellies, and your choice of sugar! Show off your artisan flair, as you try your best to end up with a poor imitation of the Tiger Sugar you see on your stories twice a day.


The Arcade People bring on the retro, coming packed with 60 different arcade games including video game classics like Street Fighter and Marvel v.s. Capcom, your money sinks claw machines, and even carnival fare!

Of special note is the Human Claw, where you get to see a child/small person try their absolute best to grab on to a prize capsule with cumbersome gloves. If you can’t get onto the claw, it’s OK – it’s still great entertainment.

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