Wonder Woman – One of the Best Superhero Origin Tales

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WB finally invested in a camera that captures colour
Amazing action
Great cast of characters, we can only hope to see more of them
The BvS
Continues the superhero tradition of rushed third acts
The sequel will certainly be set in present day, a mistake made by Captain America as well
If Justice League stinks a la BVS and WB reboots the DC movies, losing Wonder Woman will hurt like a bitch

Had I not known the difference between Marvel and DC I would have sworn that Wonder Woman was an MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) entry.

And not just any MCU movie, mind you–I’m talking about the really good ones like Iron Man and Captain America: The First Avenger, forget the recent let downs like Doctor Strange and GotG2.

In fact, as far as superhero origin movies go, this might easily be one of the best, besting even the likes of Thor and Iron Man. If anything, I’d say this might be one of the more emotionally investing origin tales since Superman… yeah, the one in 1978.

Speaking of, can we all take a moment here and ponder the power of the name ‘Chris?’ Chris Reeve, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, and now Chris Pine. Somewhere in the labyrinthine formula to a successful superhero movie lies the value ‘Chris.’ Of this, I am now sure.

Back to less inane matters, Wonder Woman‘s greatest achievement (short of being an actually good movie) is finally putting to rest that superhero movies featuring a female lead are bound to fail. Coupled with this being the first summer tentpole film helmed by a female director, it bodes well for the future of not just superhero movies, but genre films as a whole.

While a common sentiment is going to be the introduction of colour to a DC movie (finally!), the real improvement in Wonder Woman, over other DCEU films, is that the characters are allowed to naturally breathe/grow over the course of the film. Of course, having a comic writer familiar with the character (Allan Heinberg has written the princess for DC), as opposed to a 2-bit hack like David Goyer helps.

And while some critics may cry foul over the necessity of having Patty Jenkins, a female director direct a female-led movie, the first act alone silences all opposing arguments. On an island filled with women dressed in what is effectively short skirts, the presence of a female director is probably the winning factor in preventing the lingering male gaze that we’ve gotten so accustomed to in films dating all the way back to the invention of legs.

Also, no harm done if studios are finally earmarking films solely for female directors. Today it’s Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel, tomorrow it could be Justice Society or Nova.

Nightwing by Nicola Scott

Just not Nightwing, ’cause then we’re gonna have a whole new situation with the ‘female gaze.’

Nightwing’s Ass by Nicola Scott

Wonder Woman is out in theatres now and you’d be mad to not watch it!

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