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The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part isn’t Quite as Solid

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The Good
Great comedy
Genuinely fun characters
Great songs!
The Bad
Could use a better story
Doesn't need more spin-offs

2014’s The Lego Movie was nothing short of a groundbreaking success. It’s surprisingly witty humour and self-referential outlook on what could have been a 100-minute advertisement for Lego’s very many toy lines caught audience off guard and entered itself to many.

Quickly establishing a quirky shared universe inhabited by characters from all the various fictional worlds Lego produces merchandise of, the movie was not only a fun romp with highly imaginative constructs, but also a somewhat otherwise impossible outlet for geek fulfilment thanks to the insane number of cross overs from different franchises.

Unfortunately, with films such as The Lego Movie, capturing the magic again is almost impossible—something that 2017’s The Lego Batman Movie quickly proved to be true with its mess of a movie that discarded all the restraint that had made The Lego Movie work as a film rather than a commercial. Following that, The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part seemed to be a project deserving of some apprehension.

Thankfully, it mostly lives up to its predecessor.

Despite an equally wild and rompful plot that meanders almost randomly, The Lego Movie 2 delivers a great experience with characters. Unfortunately, lightning doesn’t strike twice, and the emotional anchor of the first movie—the whole adventure being a metaphor for a boy’s relationship with his father—doesn’t resonate as strongly this time.

Thankfully, however, the film isn’t distracted by its potential to overuse characters from other franchises, and saves us from the gaudy mess that has been a looming possibility since The Lego Batman Movie.

While The Lego Movie 2 may not have been the strongest possible sequel, it is an indication that the main series of films in the Lego franchise may be more interested in delivering heartfelt tales of growing up with a splash of adventure than simply exploiting Batman.

Doesn’t hurt that it earns them a boatload of cash, too.

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