PRISM+ Expands Smart Home Appliance Offerings With The PRISM+ Oasis Smart Ceiling Fan

PRISM+ have launched the latest addition to their smart home appliance lineup – PRISM+ Oasis smart ceiling fan.

The PRISM+ Oasis smart ceiling fan comes with a fully customisable 20W Osram LED light and an accompanying smartphone app and will feature two fan blade sizes; the 46” and 52” variations.

The brand will also offer a base model without smart features. The Oasis will debut at a promotional launch price of $349 for the 46” and 52” smart models, while the 46” and 52” base models will go for $199.

Having earlier launched its smart air conditioner system, the PRISM+ Oasis is the brand’s second entry in its line of smart home appliances. Powered by a state-of-the-art brushless DC motor that promises silent efficiency, the Oasis is encased in a sleek metal body and utilises three finely crafted premium ABS blades to deliver optimum airflow.

Designed to enhance modern home aesthetics, the smart ceiling fan will come in fifteen colour combinations so customers can choose the best fit to match the personality of their home.


“Technology exists today in a state where it seamlessly brings convenience and personalisation to a user’s lifestyle. The Oasis is a continuation of the work that we have been putting in, to make smart home experiences more accessible to the masses,” said Jonathan Tan, Founder and Managing Director of PRISM+.

The PRISM+ Oasis comes with an accompanying smartphone application that promises enhanced customisation and control over your smart ceiling fan, anywhere at any time. Users can choose to set routines, timers and check on their usage habits to optimise energy consumption habits.

Aside from empowering users with the ability to remotely connect to their fans, The PRISM+ Oasis App will also allow users to connect their smart ceiling fan to Google Assistant to set up a network of connected devices for a holistic smart home experience.

“Having previously launched the smart aircon series allowed us to lay the foundations of building and designing apps to support our smart home devices. In the near future, we are looking to consolidate our smart home appliances under one all-encompassing app for convenience,” added Jonathan.

Designed for Silent Efficiency: Brushless DC Motor and Pre-programmed Modes

Designed for modern homeowners, the PRISM+ Oasis promises superior control over your environment’s airflow. Compared to traditional AC motors, the Oasis is powered by a powerful DC brushless motor that operates with silent efficiency while promising savings on energy consumption.

The fan comes with six speeds of varying intensity, and users can also choose from a number of modes via the PRISM+ Oasis app to best suit their usage. Both the smart ceiling fan and the standard model come with Reverse Mode, which is designed to draw cold air from the centre of the room for redistribution.

This feature is especially useful for users who utilise their air conditioner systems in tandem with their fan, allowing them to effectively cool the room faster and more efficiently.


The PRISM+ Oasis smart ceiling fan will also offer two additional modes. In Natural Mode, the fan will switch its fan speeds in intervals of 20 seconds to emulate a natural breeze within the environment, Meanwhile, its Sleep Mode is designed to facilitate rest through a gradual decrease in fan speeds; eventually stabilising at the lowest speed for a comfortable and quiet sleep.

Fully Customisable Lighting: 20W Osram LED light


Compared to traditional ceiling fans that usually come with preset colours and brightness options, the PRISM+ Oasis smart ceiling fan empowers users with complete control over their lighting. Users can customise the colour temperature and brightness of the 20W Osram LED lights through the PRISM+ Oasis App, ensuring the appropriate lighting for all occasions.

Designed for the Modern Home: 15 Customisable Premium Options

With its compact metal ceiling mount design and sleek ABS blades, the PRISM+ Oasis is designed to add style and class to any modern home. The premium ABS blades comes in five different options, with a variety of different finishes including matte white, matte black, and various wood selections.

Users can pair it with one of three different ceiling mount designs including matte white, matte black and brushed rose gold to create 15 different colour combinations to suit the personality of their home.

Best Warranty on the Market and In-house Installation

Customers who purchase the PRISM+ Oasis can enjoy the most comprehensive warranty for ceiling fans on the market. The Oasis comes with lifetime warranty on its motor, five-year warranty on parts, and six years of warranty on its LED panel.

The installation will also be performed by the brand’s in-house team of technicians. As with industry practice, installation fees are charged separately, starting with a fixed rate of $50 per fan.

The fee will cover delivery, installation on normal concrete ceilings below 3 meters with existing electrical points, and complimentary removal of existing lighting. Additional charges may apply, as per advised by PRISM+ ceiling fan specialists.

The PRISM+ Oasis will debut at a promotional launch price of $349 for the 46” and 52” smart models, while the 46” and 52” base models will go for $199.