Ocean’s 8 – Success in Succession

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Great assemblage of cast
Cool cameos that don't steal the show
Doesn't try too hard with the stunt casting
Stunt casting was still unnecessary
Are we really getting an Ocean's Universe now? Like an Ocean's shared universe a la the heist counterpart to the Avengers? I hope not...

I liked the recent Ghostbusters remake. It wasn’t perfect and there were a lot of problems to be addressed, but nostalgia goggles aside, the same has to be said for the original.

Similarly, Ocean’s 8 is not a perfect movie. The introduction takes a little longer than it should, and its tone shifts around at times for short periods before always returning to the point of the story.

However, Ocean’s 8 possesses more strengths than it does flaws and its cast is a good example.

With a line up featuring Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Mindy Kaling, Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, Sarah Paulson throwing in the likes of Rihanna and something named Awkwafina are clearly cheap attempts at stunt casting.

Thankfully, the movie never really settles in on needing either singer (Awkwafina is a singer, right?) to do much short of throwing in an odd expression or an under-the-breath line that may have been salvaged off some B-Roll footage.

Although, Bullock and Blanchett pretty much carry the movie, Kaling, Hathaway, Bonham Carter and Paulson all shine in their given moments and leave us wanting to see more of them–a certainly healthy tone given the possibility of an Ocean’s 9.

While, this crew never seems to hit the smooth stride of their predecessors, much of that can be forgiven due to the film’s desire to focus more on the people of the team as opposed to the slick overtone of Danny Ocean’s line-up.

Bullock in particular plays a very believable estranged sister to the well-loved Ocean and is, somehow, more rootable for than her brother was. Perhaps due to her sense of less self-assurance that the Danny Ocean role borrowed from Clooney in spades.

Her chemistry with Blanchett and short scenes of high interaction with her team mates and supporting cast allows the movie to flow a lot better than it really should, having the audience focus less on plot and more on the individual points of happenstance through out, making Ocean’s 8 a slick successor to the Ocean’s franchise.

Ocean’s 8 hits theatres on the 14th of June and deserves a mass break-in into theatres… with tickets.

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