Ngee Ann Poly Students Fight Piracy and Protect the Arts!

Remember that burning passion for a righteous cause that must have consumed you in your youth? Be it saving the planet, or protecting wildlife, or promoting the arts, or stopping George Lucas from meddling with the Star Wars trilogy any further, it’s always pleasant when the young are impassioned about a good cause.

In that vein, Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Kiiro Agency, has conceptualised an event dubbed “The Last Projector.”

In support of the fight against piracy, students from the
Diploma in Advertising and Public Relations (APR) course are holding an event called ‘The Last Screening’ with support from the Motion Picture Association.

The campaign aims to introduce a new perspective towards the consequences of piracy by showing that it doesn’t just affect media corporations, but creators, curators and, in turn, future audiences.

The event will screen ‘The Last Projector.’ Set in a dystopian future where ‘The Last Projector’ is the only cinema group left showcasing content in the world due to increasing illegal streaming. The compromise of content integrity causes many creators to lose motivation.

‘The Last Projector’ seeks to emphasise the consequences of illegal streaming and its effects on both the users and creators through a post-apocalyptic setting.

Participants can expect many activities at the event, including food, goodie bags, a photo booth, an informational booth and the highlight; movie screenings.

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