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Mysterious New Malware Found on 30,000 Macs Worldwide

Recently, security researchers have spotted a new malware operation targeting Mac devices, which has silently infected almost 30,000 systems.

Named Silver Sparrow, the new malware is baffling security researchers as there is no delivery of any payload, leaving the purpose of the malware unknown.

Silver Sparrow only runs natively on Apple’s new M1 chip, and it is the second piece of malware to contain such code. Many developers of legitimate macOS apps still have not finished compiling their code for the new M1 chip that only launched last November.

Cybercriminals define the rules of their attacks, and it’s up to us to defend against their tactics, even when those tactics aren’t obvious. That’s the situation with Silver Sparrow, the newly identified malware targeting macOS. At present, it doesn’t appear to do too terribly much, but it can provide insights into tactics that we should be defending against.

– Tim Mackey, Principal Security Strategist, Synopsys Software Integrity Group

Macs infected with Silver Sparrow check a control server hourly to check if there are any new commands it should run. So far, researchers have yet to discover any activity that points towards the malware’s ultimate goal.