Become a Mooncake Master this Mid-Autumn Festival!

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The Mid-Autumn Festival is almost upon us. And if you’re no long in school, chances are your festivities are limited to eating them iconic mooncakes.

Thankfully, Singapore game designer Origame is here to add a little more fest to your festival with their new game: Mooncake Master. Read on to learn a little about the game, and learn a lot about how you could win one to play with your family and friends over the mid-autumn weekend.

Mooncake season is almost here!

You and your fellow apprentices are gathering to see who can create the most beautiful mooncakes while catering to fussy customers.

Over 3 rounds, players simultaneously draw, share, and fit Mooncake quarter tiles, creating beautiful mooncakes for judging and selling to customers. The player with the most points wins the glorious title of Mooncake Master!

A tile-crafting, interactive strategy board game by Singaporean game design veteran Daryl Chow, this mooncake-sharing game features the fresh and quirky illustrations by breakout Singaporean painter and graphic illustrator @launshae.

Packaged in a luxurious linen-textured finish with spot UV coating to ensure durability and quality with a gold foil stamp on the box cover, Mooncake Master doubles as a premium gift option this season if you’re hoping to shake things up.

The game box alone is quite appetising… so try not to eat it.

You can also check out the game for yourself at NAIISE Iconic at Jewel Changi Airport over this weekend!

A Singaporean company, Origame, publishes modern Asian board games to showcase the best of Asian cultures, cuisines, and talents to international markets. With distribution and retail partnerships in Taiwan, Korea. and Japan, Origame aims to build an Asian community of board game designers, social innovators, and artists to distil and re-define the concept of Asian-style board games.

Origame is actively engaged in fostering the board game community and culture in Singapore and beyond. They also offer customised board game services to communities as well as corporate and governmental organisations.

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