J Rental Centre’s New Site Makes Equipment Sharing a Breeze

With every passing year, the entry level requirement for being a media content producer lowers. With broadcast channels universally accessible, and near professional-quality equipment being attached to the back of a mobile phone, the dream of a being the next Spielberg isn’t as aloof as it once was.

There remains, however, a class beyond many that still value and understand the significance of what could be considered the right equipment for the job. Unfortunately, equipment is still largely unaffordable, and sometimes flat out unrealistic for those who want to produce content without having to invest in a studio’s worth of hardware… or the studio itself!

Thankfully, J Rental Centre (JRC) may have found the solution to the future of filming for both hobbyists and professionals!

While having already entered the local sharing economy space for camera and related gear rental, JRC has once again with their newly launched website.

Boasting new features like tracking of equipment, cashless payments, and even personal user accounts, the new JRC.sg is but the beginning of an independent filmmaking ecosystem that bridges the gap between equipment owners and filmmakers-in-need.

To put it simply, JRC does for camera equipment what Grab has done for transportation. Except JRC seems to be doing it better.

While user-friendly websites may be common, part of what places JRC.sg a step ahead is its expansion of services as well. As listed on their blog, the site now includes a listing of spaces available for rental for your varying needs, event logistics solutions, the aforementioned personal user accounts, e-payments, and concierge service to cater to your equipment needs.

Founder and CEO Joshua Soh has also confirmed that the list of services offered by the site will only grow, stating that JRC has plans to implement more technology-centered solutions to streamline the process further.”

He further added that “the main point is the community element; we are not a shop but a platform to connect people.”

With JRC’s approach of connecting owners with customers, the site also opens doors for those whose equipment may be lying unused.

So if you find yourself with a penned script or sadly underused equipment, JRC.sg could very possibly be what you need!

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