Dreamcore Launches Sleek and Powerful Dream Machine Custom PC Lineup

Custom PC leader, Dreamcore has announced the all-new sleek and powerful Dream Machine lineup consisting of the Dream Machine and the Dream Machine Pro.

Dreamcore’s compact machines are designed to redefine how small form factor (SFF) PCs can fit modern home aesthetics and deliver a flawless performance for the heaviest processing needs.

The Dream Machine lineup is the first and only SFF custom PC lineup in Singapore to sport dark-tinted dual tempered glass side panels, showcasing the vertically mounted graphics card and AIO CPU liquid cooler in an eye-catching sandwiched-style configuration.


Specially curated for gaming needs, the Dream Machine at just 15.7L offers up to the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card paired with best-in-class Intel and AMD desktop processors, so gamers can experience dreamlike performance for high refresh rate gaming needs.

For power users and content creators who need a PC that can keep up with their work, the Dream Machine Pro is built to take performance even further. Boasting one of the world’s most flexible ITX systems, the Dream Machine Pro provides endless possibilities of best-in-class configurations.

Dream Machine and Dream Machine Pro can be fully customised for users who wish to put together their preferred combination of CPU, graphics cards, motherboards, and other hardware.

Prices start at $1,660 for a fully customisable Dream Machine, while the Dream Machine Dream Build starts at $2,495. Both full customisation and Dream Build options for the Dream Machine lineup can be found via Dreamcore’s website.

As part of the ongoing Great Singapore Sale, Dreamcore is offering storewide discounts from now until 11 July 2021 on both the Dream Machine and Dream Machine Pro Dream Builds.

Complete the PC set-up with keyboard, monitor and mouse for an additional $339 with the SuperSolid WFH Bundle, as well as enjoy $100 off the 2TB Dreamcore Hyperion Plus NVME M.2 SSD on applicable systems.