Dreams Do Come True: A DIY Wine Brewing Kit Exists

Because even Santa Clause’s factory misses out on a toy or two, Bespoke Brewing has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of their DIY Wine Brewing Kit.

Unlike other beer or wine kits already available, these brewing kits are designed to be compact and affordable, allowing users to in 1-litre batches. Each kit even comes with everything needed (including yeast) to “alcoholise” fruit juices that can be readily found in supermarkets.

According to founder Jia Qing, brewing kits for beers tend to be large and expensive, and the brewing process for beer involves heating and rapid cooling.

“We want to make brewing as simple as possible. While we like beer, the brewing process for beer involves both heating and cooling, which might not be the best way to introduce brewing to others. Fermenting fruit juices is easier. With this kit, you can easily introduce alcohol to fruit juice by adding sugar and yeast,” he said. “For those who are more adventurous in the kitchen, the brewing kit also comes with an instruction manual containing the recipe for ginger beer. We hope this kit can trigger the curiosity in our customers and we encourage them to have fun while experimenting.”

With some kits having already been sold during a trial period during Christmas last year, Bespoke Brewing is taking to Kickstarter to raise funds to increase its production.

The campaign will end on 21st February 2018. Backers can receive a kit by pledging $50 or more. Backers based outside Singapore will have to pay for shipping.

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