Darkest Hour – An Illuminating Insight on WWII’s Greatest Personality

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Great cast!
Well paced and structured
Great score
The thrill of having Gary Oldman on screen with someone named Lily James
How has this man not won every award there is for an actor to win?
That little twinge in my heartstrings when Gary Oldman says "Neville"

If Dunkirk and Darkest Hour are the new measure of war movies, hope for the genre may not yet be lost.

Offering unique perspectives of nations and the people caught in the thick of war, Darkest Hour follows Winston Churchill’s career as Prime Minister during an era that is still considered to be one of humanity’s most trying times.

From an unpopular candidate necessitated by the reality of the war, to being the unconventional but appropriate leader for the period, Darkest Hour portrays Churchill with all of his unlikeable quirks alongside his nevertheless persistent charisma—reminding audience that unconventional leaders can be the nation’s saviour… if they are not too wrapped up in their toupee of hubris.

Perfectly casted, Gary Oldman is nearly unrecognisable in the role (as he often tends to be) but his brilliance and energy shine through the prosthetics and heavy wardrobe, dismissing stray thoughts of other actors—like Bill Nighy—who would have seemed as more obvious choices.

Featured against the likes of fellow veteran actors like Kristin Scott Thomas and Ronald Pickup, as long as relative newcomers like Lily James, Oldman’s take on Churchill is a multi-faceted personality that keeps the movie entertaining in a way one wouldn’t expect of a biopic.

Special mention goes out to Ben Mendelsohn as King George VI, picking up on the role with all traits, speech impediment included, intact.

With as many movies as there have been about World War 2, Darkest Hour truly succeeds in fleshing out the people of the nations living on the cusp of war, even offering the harsh discomfort of the parliament in a beautifully dramatic manner that serves to portray the gravitas of Churchill as a political and intellectual force.

While the Joe Wright’s direction of story and script is both functional and uncomplicated, Dario Marianelli score amplifies the simple complexity of the man and the situations in which he thrives.

Darkest Hour is out in theatres now and is a great way to start 2018!

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