Disney Unveils Star Wars News at D23

From a new look at 'The Mandalorian' to information on the new Obi-Wan series!

UPDATE: Take a look at the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker teaser!

Before anything else, here’s all that matters in the world today:

For these brief moments, all is well with the world.


With the purchase of both Marvel and LucasFilm, Disney’s had no shortage of mind-blowing geek news to share at just about any convention in the last eight years. However, they seem to have saved some of the juiciest bits of information for their very own D23!

The Rise of Skywalker Poster

Here’s an epic look at Rey and Kylo duking it out while the Emperor ominously watches on all Emperor style!

An Official Timeline

The when and what of the Star Wars universe has always been an issue. Gone are the days of cracking open the newest EU novel to get your bearings of being long, long ago.

Thankfully, this new timeline puts quite a bit in stone, and raises some interesting possibilities.

Cassian & K-2SO

The duo left quite an impression on audience during their brief stint in the Star Wars universe, in 2016’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Interestingly, this will occur in the period of Rebels, opening the possibility of the future Rogue One team mates colliding with the likes of Kanan Jarrus and the crew of the Ghost (which had little cameo in Rogue One).

Here’s to hoping we see Freddie Prinze Jr. himself take on the role of live action Kanan!

The Mandalorian

Led by Disney darling Jon Favreau, The Mandalorian is not only supposedly a replacement for the Boba Fett-centric A Star Wars Story entry, but also a whole new look at the now mostly unexplored post-Episode VI era of the galaxy far, far away.

More than just the trailer, however, is the revelation of ex-Agents of SHIELD queen badass appearing in the show and the inclusion of the assassin droid IG-11… played by Taika Waititi!

Dude’s really enjoying this mo-cap thing. Can’t wait to see him play Gollum some day.

The Clone Wars

It’s been confirmed for quite some time that The Clone Wars would be returning for a one season reprisal. But we now also know that it’ll be in February 2020.

With the return of Maul having been a significant incident in the series, Filoni and team have made it clear that there’s a lot more to be seen in this grand farewell of one of the most beloved chapters of Star Wars.

And speaking of Maul…

Obi-Wan Strikes Back!

While Star Wars actors have long been iconic, Ewan McGregor may hold the sole honour of being the one thing about the Prequel Trilogy of whom people want to see more.

Having been a prominent character in The Clone Wars and even appearing in Rebels to settle some loose ends, the post-prequel journey for fans has been a great Ewan tease.

But the most interesting bit is how the series is placed smack in the period of Solo: A Star Wars Story. While I would be all for an incidental meeting between Han and ol’ Ben, the real query here is what does this mean for the classic Kenobi and Maul rivalry?

After all, Maul’s appearance in Solo was accompanied by the revelation of his forming his own organisation: Crimson Dawn. While little has been said or heard of this Crimson Dawn, we already know of Maul’s fate at the hands of Obi-Wan as seen in Rebels. Perhaps this series may follow Obi-Wan’s journey on ensuring Maul’s failure to rise.

With scripts already prepared, and shooting expected to begin in 2020, it won’t be long before we see more of Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi.

And the world will be alright.

On a special note, this does not reduce our love James Arnold Taylor in any way. The man’s a hero and is every bit loved as Ewan.

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