Aftershock PC Launches Brand New Artisan Series

Aftershock PC has launched its brand new Artisan Series, standing at the pinnacle of their line-up of Ready To Ship (RTS) builds, featuring custom hand-made water tubing paired with unique components.


The Artisan series is the first offering of its kind in Singapore, democratizing handcrafted hardware, making the peak of PC expression effortlessly accessible and available for retail customers without the lengthy waiting times and high customisation costs associated with similar builds.


Aftershock PC aims for the new Artisan series to be the answer to market demand for Ready to Ship builds that go beyond just optimising components for greater power for gaming and editing, but offering a distinctive look and themed aesthetics.


Each build in the series will be launched as-and-when available with an announcement through Aftershock PC’s social channels. As the series features exclusive, often one-of-a-kind components, the builds are expected to have extremely limited quantities.