X’mas Comes Early to Darkness Reborn – New Character and Devil’s Strongbox Giveaway


Darkness Reborn players can now shatter the darkness in GAMEVIL’s synchronous MORPG as a new hero: the Daemon Hunter.

Darkness Reborn is a synchronous mobile where players must fight through darkness and destruction by defeating Belphegor, an evil two-headed dragon, and Damien, the Cursed Knight. While you follow the game’s story, you not only complete an extensive amount of challenges and receive rewards for solo gameplay, but the highlight is the live, synchronous multiplayer modes.


At the game’s launch in November, players could choose to battle as the resilient Warrior or agile Kunoichi–both of which engage in direct combat with their enemies. The Daemon Hunter, who performs basic attacks with an arbalest, makes his debut as Darkness Reborn’s first long-range fighter.

New playable characters not enough? How bout new play zones as well? In addition to introducing the Daemon Hunter, Darkness Reborn now features a snow fallen town for winter.

So, gather your friends, or join in with others, and take part in co-operative dungeons to 6-player boss raids, 3-on-3 PvP battles, and journey through the land of darkness.

Darkness Reborn Devil’s Strongbox X’mas Giveaway

Darkness Reborn Xmas

The good people at Gamevil are giving away Devil’s Strongboxes for Darkness Reborn.

Use the Redemption Code XMASCOMESOON to unlock the Devil’s Strongbox which contains Rare to Legendary items for use in-game.

The promotion is limited to only 50,000 redemption across the whole South-East Asia server and limited to only on redemption per account. Redemption will be valid until 31 Dec 2014.

How to redeem?

Step 1: Download Darkness Reborn if you haven’t already (download links below)
Step 2: Click “NOTICE” icon at the game lobby
Step 3: Click on “Enter Your Promo Code Here” banner
Step 4: Enter “XMASCOMESOON” into the text box and click “Enter” button
Step 5: Go back to the game lobby and click “MAILBOX” icon
Step 6: Select “A Coupon Reward has been sent” to open the gift

Darkness Reborn is available for download here:

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Having issues with redemption? Download the guide here.